♦ Zooc Draws – Zergling (painting)

Zooc paints his Zergling. Duration: 6.5 hours

24 thoughts on “♦ Zooc Draws – Zergling (painting)

  1. STARCRAFT FTW, And I really love the SC2 intro song thingy, when U choose the games etc. How would they come up with the music btw?

    You’ll know :P BTW, do you have EU-account? if so, we could play together sometimes :D.

    And why are some people so good at the photoshop stuff thingy’s?

  2. I was told that you were meant to use lighter or darker colours from the base colour, not use black and white with the opacity lowerd, because its a cheating and looks cheap way of doing it

  3. that thing looked horrible and by horrible i meant the creature not the drawing. i would shit myself if i saw that in real life.

  4. you have 5000 subs and you draw/paint amazing things! You deserve so many more subs. I have about 45 friends who love SC2 drawings and I will tell all of them to sub you. I hope you get more subs!

  5. looks awesome.
    just a quick question, im a noob at painting and probably always will but how do you get youre drawed zergling into youre computor so you can edit it like in photoshop or something?

  6. Great work really great. I was wondering if you could do a video tutorial on how to do the coloring. I am an artist as well but suck using photoshop so any tips would be a big help.

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