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25 thoughts on “Abstract Art

  1. I agree with u . I love abstract art it gives u a way of creating something with emotion and giving off something inside u instead of an obvious normal piece of art. thankyou for this vid i love ur work

  2. I see “FLOW” in the painting, a natural essence that invokes passion and understanding! Beautifully done!!

  3. As a child I would draw what we call abstract art on everything I could find, toilet paper, scratch paper, receipts, etc… and over the years I lost touch with it. Recently I realized that what I was missing in my life was my art, so 2 months ago I bought paints and canvases and began painting, which until then I never even picked up a brush, and I couldn’t put the brushes down!! When I paint I feel entirely centered and complete! I am interested in seeing your work, and thank u for the page!!!

  4. r u still playing? I see the earth as it is in the universe. giving and receiving energy, life and such. It is made up of different blocks that represent the different parts of the the earth such as land, water and even humans. It also shows the earth in different dimensions which are kind of like different personalities the earth has. there is a sense of kaleidoscopic activity happening everywhere and at everywhen.

  5. thanks for the abstract art info, i can tell wich is which now, non representational art and representational arts now.

  6. I love your art. It has depth and feeling.
    The old Masters were great before cameras were invented. It was man’s way of remembering the past. I think today most of us are not so much interested in the external but the internal.
    You you said in your video. Art today (and in the future) is beyond the photo album stage and into the depths of the mind, the soul, the spirit.
    In my work I will do most anything except one thing. I absolutely hate the pretentious.
    D.A. Hammond

  7. it made me feel like you saw some light in life and that even tho you have those tough moments theres still those spots in life that you can keep looking at for hope to keep going in life
    thats what i was feeling the whole video watching you paint

  8. it makes me think of the world. diffrent people coming together with different views, different ideas, and though we may not fit perfectly together, the there are sharp edjes poking out…its still beautiful…

  9. Oops. We missed that vlog (sorry). Although Cameron produced the film in such a way that viewers would enjoy it in both 2D and 3D, it HAS to be WAY better in 3D. I loved it!

  10. I sure did! Mentioned it in my latest vid (briefly). I loved it in 3D because it felt I was there with them. Very cool!! It was a bummer it had to end! I have a feeling if I saw it in 2D… wouldn’t have been the same though I’m sure I’d still appreciate it.

    Val did a series of Alice in Wonderland-type art and I love them a lot!

  11. This video is beautiful! I love the colors and the lighting. You are one classy chica, Chica! :D

    The art behind you while you’re narrating elicted an emotion for me, Val. Abstract art I appreciate a lot because It’s non-commital and I still value the work it took to create it. The one behind you, however, is like being in a different world… love the fantasy. That’s why I’m looking forward to Alice In Wonderland, actually. I love being transported into a diff world.

  12. It looks like a being…a living thing that is exploding into the many colours that define it. Like a person, and the explosion of all things that define their existence: there beliefs, actions, personality, family , friends, and so on.

  13. Great painting, I see this as the Earth, good
    and bad radiating out. Earth as the most lush planet in the Universe, full of millions of different animals and plants. I see good and evil in our
    planet, complexity, diversity. A planet that could
    be going in all directions. But, overall, I think it is a positive rendition of the Earth. I for one as so glad to be living on it. That one large ray of
    yellow gold seems to be the Sun’s rays, giving our planet life and energy, a constant, a positive.

  14. The first thing I think of is Haiti. I see a circle..so perfect, even and right. And then I see it being destroyed. And everything around it being destroyed….

    I see destruction.

  15. i feel like it’s the circle of life…how everything is connected as one and everything always comes full circle in the end. However, it’s fragmented and has “jagged” edges (the triangles and other shapes within the circle) which are the imperfections. It’s like a cracked mirror, where the reflection is there but it’s been distorted. Even though the colors used are”happy” colors, they still aren’t vibrant. They’re kind of dulled/tinted with a darker hue from a first layer of darker colors. :]

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