Abstract paintings & music 3 Jan van Oort High Definition

Jan van Oort works as art-painter, musician and architect. His main goal is to connect people to their inner self. Jan about this: “There is so much we cannot understand in life. Mostly those things are essential: love, friendship, nature, respect, art. I hope I can tell something about the unknown.” Jan’s abstract paintings, his music and his architectural designs are arising from zero. He never creates recognizable images and tunes. It is all about improvisation. His powerful, rich paintings are exposed throughout the country. As a musician Jan has recorded for ‘the Who’s keyboard-player John Bundrick, made his own CD and played the ‘Yellow jackets’ supporting-act. He build several villa’s in the Dutch Caribbean. Now his first designs are arising in Holland. Jan organises workshops ‘abstract painting’. He performs with his (electronic) saxophone and does live painting while his band creates music on what he is painting. Also he does many art-exhibitions throughout his country. For contracting Jan: go to his website www.janvanoort.nl
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