Acrylic Mediums : How to use Acrylic Gels and Mediums How to use Acrylic mediums and gels to improve your painting techniques. In this painting lesson professional artist Will Kemp shows you step-by-step how to use Regular Gel and Extra Heavy Body Gel from Golden paints.
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24 thoughts on “Acrylic Mediums : How to use Acrylic Gels and Mediums

  1. Thanks alot for this very explanatory tutorial!! I have now purchased the gel and the results are just so magical!!! thanks once again. Please do more tutorials with more gels and varieties. :))

  2. Yes, you can apply a layer of Soft Gel Gloss or Glazing Liquid (which I prefer) and then work onto of it, like a ‘couch’ in Oil painting.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Very helpful thank you! One question: can I use the gel to “oil” the canvas (like Utrecht retarding gel)? Would allow to blend the paints esp. in landscape paintings imo. Unfortunately Utrecht is not available in Europe so I´m looking for a substitute,,,

  4. Thanks very much, pleased to hear it has been helpful, mediums can make a big difference in your ability to manipulate the paint, the glazing liquid (gloss) is especially helpful.

  5. Looking at the medium video I thought the difference and the effect was very beneficial. I was thinking if it helps in glazing and the difference between the water and gloss is huge. Very uniform distribution with the medium versus running runny out of control pool without it. Thank you for the videos I was looking for someone to show me if it was worth it. Much appreciated Will. Very nice presentation and good info.

  6. Hi Vinny,
    Thanks for your comment, some artists prefer to keep it simple but I always find it’s better to aware of mediums even if you don’t use them.

  7. Good question, the gels will give you a bit more blending time but the texture can sometimes be a bit slippy and with the extra medium you loose opacity, I prefer to blend using a liquid mediums, ‘acrylic glazing liquid (gloss)’ is killer because it increases working time yet still keeps a nice consistency with the paint. I’m publishing a post on my blog later today about gels & mediums you might be interested in,

  8. Thanks so much for these videos, they are really helping me along. One quick question though: will an acrylic medium help in giving me a bit more time with blending acrylic color, or will both mediums and gels do that?

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