artist Leonid Afremov painting a new painting of seascape with oil and palette knife

This is an original oil on canvas from my older collection, now you can see the picture in higher resolution.. I use only a palette-knife for painting. I have not used a brush in this painting. I use only natural oil paint and 100% pure cotton canvas. This painting will be available for auction on Each original oil painting by Leonid Afremov is truly a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art. With his artwork in private and public collections throughout the world, the purchase of an Afremov original is a great investment as his artwork continues to appreciate. Please send me your comments. I love taking constructive criticism. You can leave the comments here on deviant art or send them to my email, or facebook Facebook: Twitter: Afremov Online community My gallery My you tube video gallery where you can see me paint pieces from beginning to end Truly Your, Leonid Afremov
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “artist Leonid Afremov painting a new painting of seascape with oil and palette knife

  1. Hi, Leonid… Just got this video information directly from “Pinterest” site via Laura Soehngen…I really Love all of your artworks there…your hand making palette knife strokes in this video look fantastic…would like to follow this style…Voted this one as my favorite… Happy painting!!

  2. I think Ill never get to afford one of his paintings, I see they go for 1000dollars+ on his site :p I love them though :)

  3. este pintor con la espátula,es un ángel de la muñeca y una cabeza digna de poder obtener un espacio como el tiene para hacer las mil maravillas en los colores a mi me me enloquece el boom de sus colores, gracias

  4. Excellent music choice. Great to see your process. Do you have anything on the canvas to facilitate blending, other than the oil colors themselves?

  5. Thankyou very much Leonid, through a friend I began to admire the magic of your colorful work. Then today, saw the ‘Musical Cats’ picture you painted and am still smiling!! One of the cats looks so much like our Skiddy – a music loving cat that also loves pictures of cats. So you can imagine how moved I feel. Looking forward to the picture’s arrival. Very best wishes to you, with love and gratitude <3

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