Buddy Rich, Kenny Everett, Roy Castle, Michael Parkinson…

A magic moment in television history. The year is 1982, the show is Parkinson, the guests are Roy Castle, Kenny Everett and Buddy Rich. Plus a special surprise guest who makes his big entrance 2m 25s in. Explaining further would spoil the fun. Just watch it and enjoy it. Apologies for the rotten quality.

25 thoughts on “Buddy Rich, Kenny Everett, Roy Castle, Michael Parkinson…

  1. Makes you remember the time when “monsters” roamed the earth. Event the host of the show had talent. Man, oh, man.

  2. Speaking of ‘he loves music” when the two guys were playing with the drumsticks, he was tapping his foot to the beat. lol

  3. Too much talent on one show like there was in those days now there isn’t the entertainers or the talent

  4. Roy Castle was the most underated genius this country has ever had. If he had been born in the US he would have been every bit as big as Sammy Davis.

  5. An ERA of SUPER TALENT………………GONE. Breaks my heart but I’m grateful of their GIFTS. What Blessings!

  6. Roy Castle could sing, tap dance(held a world record for it) and play 45 musical
    instruments.He died of lung cancer, a warm,sincere man,greatly missed.

  7. Sorry, I’m 38 and now I am sure that MTV killed music and good television. Not rock and roll, but this great music music…

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