Understanding Abstract Art

ARTBYLT.COM: NY artist Lynne Taetzsch describes “problem-solving” in her abstract paintings.
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Joseph Stella – The Voice of the City Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

Joseph Stella – The Voice of the City Puzzle: 1000 Pcs

  • Puzzle size: 20 x 29 inches
  • 1000 jigsaw pieces
  • Superb color reproduction
  • WARNING: Choking hazardÑsmall parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years

In the opening decades of the twentieth century, New York stood as the grandest expression of the United States’s technological and financial world dominance. Joseph Stella’s monumental painting The Voice of the City of New York Interpreted, a panoramic, five-paneled view of 1920s Manhattan, evokes the dizzying dynamism and awe-inspiring spectacle of the city. Measuring more than twenty feet long, The Voice of the City presents key Manhattan landmarks at night, starting on the west side with the

Price: $ 16.74

Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image with Virginia Cobb

Acrylic Abstract Painting: The Evolving Image with Virginia Cobb

Virginia Cobb develops three abstract paintings, each started by emphasizing a different design element: line, shape, texture. In the first half of her process she builds a rich under structure. She creates, destroys, and creates again unpredictable shapes, textures and color combinations. In doing so she establishes multiple layers of depth and mystery. Her final process is a rational analysis that evaluates color temperature, edges, shapes and balance. She applies the concepts of linkage, dep

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Abstract paintings & music 3 Jan van Oort High Definition

Jan van Oort works as art-painter, musician and architect. His main goal is to connect people to their inner self. Jan about this: “There is so much we cannot understand in life. Mostly those things are essential: love, friendship, nature, respect, art. I hope I can tell something about the unknown.” Jan’s abstract paintings, his music and his architectural designs are arising from zero. He never creates recognizable images and tunes. It is all about improvisation. His powerful, rich paintings are exposed throughout the country. As a musician Jan has recorded for ‘the Who’s keyboard-player John Bundrick, made his own CD and played the ‘Yellow jackets’ supporting-act. He build several villa’s in the Dutch Caribbean. Now his first designs are arising in Holland. Jan organises workshops ‘abstract painting’. He performs with his (electronic) saxophone and does live painting while his band creates music on what he is painting. Also he does many art-exhibitions throughout his country. For contracting Jan: go to his website www.janvanoort.nl
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Keeping the Melody: Making Contemporary Abstracts with Inspiring Materials and Techniques

Keeping the Melody: Making Contemporary Abstracts with Inspiring Materials and Techniques

  • Fundamentals for doing contemporary abstract paintings including
  • Principles and concepts of design and composition
  • Explanation of a wide variety of exciting materials and how to get the best out of them
  • A classroom view of Bill’s creative methods, practices, and thought processes.
  • Loads of unique creative and practical art tips and tricks

In this DVD, Bill Buchman reveals the innovative methods and concepts as well as the wide variety of materials that go into his abstract art. In nearly two hours of instruction, Bill explains and demonstrates many of the basic principles of abstract design and gears you up with much practical information on the nature and contemporary uses of pastels, oil pastels, watercolors, acrylic gouache, AquaStics, Aqua Briques, the Sumi Brush, the “Zen” reed pen, and various papers. He shows you how your

Price: $ 25.00

Mirmak abstract – Light painting 1 – Coffee Gift Baskets – Coffee Gift Basket

Light painting 1 Coffee Gift Basket is measuring 9x9x4. Contains 15oz mug, BONUS free set of 4 coasters, biscotti and 5 blends of gourmet coffee. French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate and Italian Roast Espresso elegantly presented in our signature black planet coffee gift box. A very nice and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

List Price: $ 54.99

Price: $ 54.99

Abstract Art

My favorite topic ever! Abstract Art! I love abstract paintings! Please subscribe for more videos! If you want to learn more about abstract art I recommend this site: en.wikipedia.org I want YOU in my video! Do you want to see yourself in my video? Leave a comment on YouTube, G+, FB. Twitter, etc. I might mention your comment in my next video! Add Me! GOOGLE PLUS – gplus.to FACEBOOK – www.facebook.com TWITTER – www.twitter.com WEBSITE – www.valsartdiary.com d’Art Lottery! Win a print of my art! If you leave a comment under my art video on YouTube, G+ or FB you might win a print of my art. My dart will decide who the winner is. BUY MY ART To buy or commission a painting please go to my website. WEBSITE – http DOWNLOAD A COLORING BOOK from my website! Eat Your Cookies! Val _____ TAGS: “abstract art” “abstract painting” abstract art funny valsartdiary
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Abstract Painting, Abstract Art

abstractartlesson.com Abstract Painting techniques by Peter Dranitsin petesoriginalart.com In this video I will paint one of my original abstract paintings called “All in One”. As you will observe all the objects in this painting blend in to one another and two objects share one side. For more of my free art educational videos please visit my abstract art gallery at petesoriginalart.com
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William Hall demonstrates how he executes one of his mixed media paintings. Working with cement mixed with dry pigments Hall shows how he completes one of his unique pieces of art. www.WilliamHallArt.com
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Modern Abstract Art Oil Painting STRETCHED READY TO HANG OPZ-5-3

Modern Abstract Art Oil Painting STRETCHED READY TO HANG OPZ-5-3

  • Each piece is stretched and wrapped on wooden frames
  • It is ready to hang no additional frame required

Beautiful original modern abstract art handpainted on high quality canvas. Each piece is stretched and wrapped on wooden frames. It is ready to hang, no additional frame required.Redefine your living style with this unique and elegant pieces of art created by international artist. Size Approximately: Panel 1, 5: L16″ x H16″ x D1.2″ Panel 2, 4: L16″ x H24″ x D1.2″ Panel 3: L16″ x H32″ x D1.2″

Price: $ 89.99