DC Chiriac ACEO – Still Life – Grapes

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12 thoughts on “DC Chiriac ACEO – Still Life – Grapes

  1. If they can give you a valuation without going on sale I’d take the option but I don’t think much of their valuations at all.
    Shame I’m not that into antiques as I’d be happy to assess yours gorgeous :)

  2. really? I`ve got some nice pieces of antiques and wanted to join the show in glasgow, do u think i`d rather value my stuff elsewhere?

  3. That’s what they are worth on that show, in that auction house, with those SELECT bidders.

    Unless you REALLY believe they have ‘phone bidders’ who is some old poor pensioner sending their sons down to bid. Its a dodgy show. Many of the otems they sell are eventually sold on a big markup have no doubt in that

  4. the prices they offer people in this show is scandalous

    eg: £380 for two gold rolex watches phone bid, this program should be investigated for scamming

    this program is for idiots who want to give someone a bargain

  5. We’ve shown this video to our Japanese friends as one of most interesting British TV programs. They said, “Very interesting!! We’d like to join auctions in Britain some day!!!”

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