[Dubstep] – Obsidia – Android [Monstercat Release]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on “[Dubstep] – Obsidia – Android [Monstercat Release]

  1. Hey there i’m an electro / dubstep producer , mind checking me out? One minute of your time could change my life :D


    Have a nice day! <3

  2. huh? She never said anything about it being bad, and what does that have to do with having a humanized pony as a profile picture?

  3. Wha— WHAT?! You have to be joking. You HAVE to be. Also, why are you talking about the mainstream being bad (not that I don’t agree) when you have a TWILIGHT SPARKE icon?!

  4. Dubstep is unmanly and overly mainstream like popmusic
    I actually thought it was supposed to be for women.

  5. For anyone else wondering, Legoman9513 said “if you are a man and you like dubstep thumbs up!!!” before deleting his comment like a huge pussy.

    Hello :)
    I am a new dubstep artist in search of subscribers and listeners. It would be very nice if you could go to my channel and hear my newest track.
    Dubstep never dies <3
    Cool song btw :)
    Thumbs up so everybody can see that :)

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