GQ Podcast – Glitch Hop / 110Bpm Mix & Monstercat 008 Anniversary Album Mix Teaser [Ep.53]

The Going Quantum Podcast is Free on iTunes! ● Alternate Download Mirror: ● Support up and coming artists – Buy Monstercat 008 Anniversary ► Subscribe to my brand new channel for more free music! ► ● FOLLOW GOING QUANTUM ● FOLLOW MONSTERCAT GOING QUANTUM’S GLITCH HOP / 100BPM MIX 00:00 Popeska – New Soul [Free Download] 03:25 TVDS – Soulseeker [Monstercat] 04:37 xKore – Everybody Rock [Free Download via Inspected] 06:20 Far Too Loud – 600 Years [Funkatech Records] 08:21 Ishe – Hit Em [Play Me Records] 09:49 DotEXE – Hipster Cutthroat [Monstercat] 13:09 Troublegum – Syntax Terror [Freakz Me Out Records] MONSTERCAT 008 ANNIVERSARY ALBUM MIX TEASER 14:55 Skifonix – People Say (feat. Stella Talpo) [Monstercat] 17:42 Hot Date! & Insan3Lik3 – Clocks (Feat. Chrisson) [Monstercat] 21:13 Eminence – Ocean City [Monstercat] 25:30 Televisor – Life (feat. Iris) [Monstercat] 27:31 Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik [Monstercat] 30:25 Chris Ramos – Emergency (feat. Natasha Waterman) [Monstercat] 32:41 Rogue – Dynamite [Monstercat] 35:27 Stereotronique – Exoskelephone [Monstercat]
Video Rating: 4 / 5

[Livestream Archive] League of Legends Episode #16 “Soraka Live [27th Nov. 2012]” This video came from my livestream , Quality will be different from other videos due to it being from a livestream archive. Music in the background is from Celldweller and Blue Stahli and is used with the permission of FiXT Music. You can find more music by Celldweller and Blue Stahli here: And more music from other FiXT artists here: Share Like and Leave a comment! Website ► http Facebook ► Twitter ► http Google+ ► Livestream ► http

34 thoughts on “GQ Podcast – Glitch Hop / 110Bpm Mix & Monstercat 008 Anniversary Album Mix Teaser [Ep.53]

  1. Don’t think I got such a lack of self confidence that I need people to like my comments only to show myself that i’m not the worst moron on Utube

  2. Was listening to this whilst i was doing my work, and the moment heard claptrap i flicked back just to replay it to make sure xD

  3. that feeling is actually a release of dopamine from the brain and thats why you get hooked to the music that makes you feel that way. so yeah fucking awesome feeling

  4. No, you want your woman to age. Either she gets cocky and leaves you, or she is too active to fine-tune her cooking. Also, women are more willing to have kids when time has it’s way on their body.

  5. Hey! I know you see these all the time. Please take on second and give me a chance! I am an aspiring GlitchHop producer. I am not looking for fame, nor money, I am kindly asking you to take time out of your day, and check out my channel, and music. I am just looking for some feedback on my new track, Obsolete. If you like it, come back and “like” this comment. Thanks for your time. Make my dream come true. -Teardrop

  6. dont know why but i dont like the lol videos :D i would prefere if ruri sticked to rpgs generally :D i also like dead space and far cry but lol mehhhhh way too mainstream

  7. This video actually comes straight from twitch, that’s why it doesn’t have a logo. Everything that comes from my livestream would loose more quality if I was to download, add the logo again and re-render. So I really can’t do it for livestream videos.

  8. hey ruri, it might not be a big deal but i would like to see your logo before every video it sounds and looks awesome hope its not much of a work i just gave you :P brofist

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