how to draw paint an abstract art city

This is how I made this painting. I used acrylics and oil paint. I guess this video will show you my tricks :P and how I get from a blank canvas to the final painting, To chat and participate in my madness goto my facebook: This piece is huge 24″x36″x3/8″. At the moment this painting is in a show in Europe If you are interested email me at: City Life Vs. Country Life Hi guys, As beautiful as the city is.. the city where I live right now I must confess I’d love to live in the country or closer to nature and well live by the ocean that’s just our of this world… but for now heehe …or for good I should look at the good things the place where I live has. No/? The other issue in this episode is the fact that at times we let one thing change the whole view we have about something. IS that good? or bad? what do you think?? where do you live? what do u like about it?
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Bryn Mawr College CS 110 Final project

27 thoughts on “how to draw paint an abstract art city

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  2. Listen guys -> gamercore . net <- is a new site all about gaming reviews, news, videos, discussion, and much more. Check it out.

  3. This piece is beautiful. I enjoy your explanation of it too. Instead of being negative about the city, you found some beauty in it and expressed it in your painting. That’s amazing! I’m feeling very stressed living right near NYC right now and wishing I was back home in the countryside of New Jersey. But I just have to stay positive like you are doing!

  4. Stay in the city! I have a premonition if u move to the country that u will live your life with a dark cloud over your head. or a sad life. don’t know why hehe, spiritual vibe I guess

  5. I’m always inspired both the world and the art found in it, either naturally made, or man-made. I hope to inspire others through my art, and knowing that people enjoy it keeps me going. This zeal keeps me always wanting to create better, more, and to make more inspiration for my self and the world. I know I can’t fix some of the problems on this earth and art is my best asset, but maybe through my art someone will be inspired to help better it. =)


  6. I hate how the reliablitly of the robots. I cant even get mine to draw a straight line. I think my tire need an allignment lol jk

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