How To Mix Gel Food Color Paints

Created on May 2, 2010 using FlipShare.

For this design you need: – Clear gel – Cover Pink gel – White gel – Glitters – Finish gel or Top coat – Watercolor paints – Kolinsky Brushes # 2 Music:

32 thoughts on “How To Mix Gel Food Color Paints

  1. On other sites they say to use vodka or an alcohol-based extract instead of water to mix with gel food colors, especially if painting on fondant. Was this panted on Royal Icing? And does the water cause any melting?

  2. Please visit our official web-site to see our products. I use Russian Pure Kolinsky Brushes – the best ones for nail art. You can find link to our web-site in video’s description.

  3. I’m absolutely amazed by this design so cute I am now learning how to do acrylics and this design is my goal obviously when I have more practice :) lov it

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