How to paint an aluminum awning

This is a video demonstration on how to paint an aluminum awning. The awning is a high gloss white awning that the customer wanted to match the color scheme of the house. We used a bonding primer and DTM to spray the awning to make it look just like new. B&K Painting is a full service painting company serving all of Idaho, Utah, Oregon, California, Boise, & the Treasure Valley. We offer self help videos that include tips in painting, drywall, staining, power washing, patching, floor coatings, equipment operation, epoxies, fence & deck restoration, professional painting techniques, painters secrets, & more. Visit our YouTube channel for all of your Do-It-Yourself needs in the paint industry. We are your paint, epoxy, stains, & repair experts. Visit our website for tips & discounts and see us on YouTube http for self help videos. Catch our discounts on Twitter or see us on Facebook

5 thoughts on “How to paint an aluminum awning

  1. Thanks for the tips. I am a novice and have been to Home Depot and Lowes and they have NO idea how to paint aluminum. Good video, very thorough and most helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make it !

  2. Well, good question.  However, if you heard me in the video I said it was very cool and about 50 degrees. Therefore I was not worried about fallout and the post came out very very smooth and the customer was very happy. In those cool temps you do not have the problem as the coating stays wet and the fallout stays wet for quite some time.

  3. Chris why do you spray starting low doing the posts and then go up to the beam, meaning the spray falling down creating “rough spots”

  4. Good question. I told the customer I would not warranty the top.  To much risk due to the extreme weather here and you will never see the top. Customer said they did not want the top done.

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