How To Paint George Washington (Cool School)

Bob Ross doesn’t have anything on The Cool School’s very own art teacher, William Thaxton Esq! Today he’s here to show you how to paint a portrait of George Washington. It’s really easy. Here’s a list of supplies so you can paint along at home: paint brushes, canvas, an easel, paints, gum,…

Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Oil Paints episode
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14 thoughts on “How To Paint George Washington (Cool School)

  1. Wow, they just press and fold the ends of the tubes? I thought they would be glued or heated or something :O

  2. Is there  an inexpensive preservative you can add to your homemade oil paints that doesn’t require a machine and can also find online or in a store? I like making my own paints but i want them to last long in tubes. I heard melted beeswax works but it’s only supposed to last a week or two. If there is something I can use it’s be great thanks.

  3. The oil paint I used for painting my wood fence give me a terrible headache. Maybe with all the different chemicals in it. Smells bad too.

  4. if u like this, u will enjoy this

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