Decided to show my arty side to youtube^____^ {I had to edit loads of the video out as otherwise the video would have been about 3 hours ¬¬) This canvas piece is actually a development piece for my A2 Fine Art college work^^ XDD And to be honest I just wanted to see what I look like painting a canvas XD LOL Actual time taken: About 12 hours Follow me on Twitter! ~ I do not own the beautiful music ;___; *MUSE forever* ^^ Basics of airbrushing paints today particularly as they relate to my videos, DVDs, and airbrushing true fire realistic flames
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12 thoughts on “INTENSE SPEED PAINT ~

  1. if using laquer to paint your car which doesnt require a clear coat, can you stiil do air brushing like true flames? Or does it require some kind of clear finish to protect the airbrush work. thank you for your time and your great videos!

  2. Sort of.  You can mix clear transparent base with a solid color in order to make it transparent or translucent. It will never be a true clear that way but close enough for many applications.

  3. can you use regular solid colors to make candy colors? What i mean is can you reduce the color with water or some thing. so that way it will mostly be watter instead of paint . do you thin that would work and will it stay on?

  4. The most popular paint for T-shirts is Createx which is water-based.  It is widely available even at regular hobby shops like Hobby Lobby, etc.

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