John Frusciante Paintings- Dying I Don’t Mind

a slideshow of John’s paintings along with the song Dying I Don’t Mind.
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24 thoughts on “John Frusciante Paintings- Dying I Don’t Mind

  1. The market says nothing about art! At a certain time in the late 20th century, the same moment upper middle class wives were dragging their husbands into “Thomas Kincaid” shops at shopping malls, pulling out gold and platinum plastic to purchase fako Hallmark card “painter of light” prints sprayed onto a canvas, someone else payed more $ than ever paid before in history for a painting at auction, painted by a man who sold not one single painting while alive. His name was Van Gogh.

  2. I beg to disagree a little.There’s a “language” but I actually believe everthing goes if one knows their mediums and has decent composition. Just stuff like lean/fat rules for oil, for example, or exploiting the brush for sumi-e.. painting serves a different need since the advent of photography. On the other hand, my mentor did make me learn. An example, she banned black from my pallette for a while to force me mix my own darks and greys. But it was learning to exploit media mainly.

  3. How, then, do you explain the career of Jackson Pollock? Looking at these paintings of John’s, I see varying shades of talent. For instance, I wouldn’t pay a dime for the one at :20, but I find the ones at :10 and :46 very inspiring, despite who or what created them. My guess, based on the tone of your comment, is that you are a painter? I agree with your general sentiment, but the work of an abstract expressionist is entirely different from more traditional art.

  4. I completely disagree with the statement you said about how paintings are bought if people understand them. Similarly, “You don’t have to understand what ‘I am the Walrus’ means — it’s a beautiful string of words and that’s that.” – JF

  5. (continued) Just think of this: say that there is a very creative man, with a great numbers of ideas for different stories. You ask him to write a story in russian, but he only knows english. He has two options: he can learn russian until a point where he is fluent with it, or he can just write said story in english.

    In Frusciante´s case, guitar is his english, since his “russian” (painting skill) is barely good enough to make simple sentences.

  6. (continued) Let´s say that Frusciante had the exact same personality and so that he has now, but had never touched a guitar in his life. He obviously would NOT be able to play in the beautiful way he does if given a guitar out of the blue (yet); he´d have to first develop technique not for the sake of technique but to familiarize himself with the instrument and how to express himself through it.

  7. Sorry to all the people who says otherwise, but these paintings are mediocre at best.

    Sure, they reflect that the author is an emotional person, but they also reflect that the author doesn´t know how to paint. And yes, art is subjective, but art is also a LANGUAGE and therefore no matter how creative you are you can´t properly express yourself if you are not FLUENT with it, with the medium you are using, so you can use it naturally to express your ideas.

  8. John’s paintings are not much different than, say, his album Niandra Lades. To the common “stay-in-line” man, it looks like a kid half-assed them or just scribbled and dabbed paint on them, but to people who understand, it’s work made under the life we’ll never completely understand.

    There is no flat-line standard to what is “good” art/music/life/ect. People that believe such a thing contradict themselves.

  9. JEAN MICHEL BASQUiAT = the Hendrix of Painting

    Frusciante admired both whole heartedly. You can hear and see it in his work. Although these painting don’t look like they were made with skill, John Frusicante knew exactly what he was doing. Art is as much all about who made it, when they made it, why they made it as it is about how it looks.

  10. I think his paintings are really expressive-just because they dont look like someones typical, cookie cutter idea of a ‘pretty picture’ has nothing to do with how good they are, some people just cant appreciate different types of artwork.

  11. @PacojaKuS by what criteria are they not so good? i think they’re better than most other works of art around in the emotion involved, but that’s just me.

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