Learn Watercolor Painting – How to Paint Winter Snow Scene Part 1

www.WatercolourPaintingDVDs.stevencronin.com DVDs now for sale featuring watercolour landscape painting demonstrations from the Watercolour Workshop channel. Watercolour landscape painting tutorial featuring an imaginary winter snow scene. PAPER 15″ x 11″ Fabriano watercolor paper weighing 130lb. BRUSHES: Large Ron Ranson hake, system 3 Daler Rowney ¾” flat and number 3 rigger. COLOURS: Cotman watercolour tubes of Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Light Red, Ultramarine, Lemon Yellow, Payne’s Gray and Alizarin Crimson. My paintings are for sale via my eBay shop at stores.ebay.co.uk Thanks for watching.
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Heres a compilation of idiot christians from around. um. well. America. But make no mistake this idiot brand of christianity is spreading across the third world as well. I decided not to include any rebuttals since I believe these christians are their own worst enemies. Let them speak and they will show their ignorance on their own :) nerdkore.com Here’s my online shop where I have all of my paintings for sale. Help me stay chubby by buying one of my paintings today artslob.etsy.com
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37 thoughts on “Learn Watercolor Painting – How to Paint Winter Snow Scene Part 1

  1. I really enjoy watching your lessons, I have learned so much!!! I still have a way to go with creating your dramatic skies and painting wet in wet!! Thank you! :)

  2. I’ve never tried watercolours on canvas. I did try and get some watercolour canvases once but they sold in the US and didn’t ship to UK. Thanks for watching.

  3. I’d recommend the same as the comment below. Try watching Frank Clarke and his Simply Painting series. He has great enthusiasm and may convince you to give painting a real go. Best of luck.

  4. I recently started painting with water colors. I find it difficult to add details and shading. I am not a painter yet I just stumbled across a water color book and started out of boredom,

  5. I began by watching Frank Clarke and his Simply Painting TV show. Check him out at SimplyPainting dot c o m Best of luck.

  6. Sometimes I mute the sound and put on soothing music, most of the time the Moody Blues and just watch you work. Then I watch it again as you explain it. Thanks. I love your work.

  7. There is not enough rope in the world to hang all of these idiots. I’m glad I live in CT because most of that shit came from Kansas and other bat shit whack Christian states. I would go atheist apeshit if I ever heard or met anyone like this

  8. I was raised in a Catholic home and went to multiple Catholic schools. I can’t believe how much they brain washed me as a kid. How could I have been so stupid?!

  9. As an atheist who was raised to be a fundamentalist christian, I have truly enjoyed destroying idiotic creationist claims with facts in debates over the years.

    But, muslim creationists brainwash their children no less ridiculously than this, and besides teach them to kill Jews and Americans. When are you going to post a video about them?

  10. Yeah and they sneaked them into 2 public highschools in 2005, by the Intelligent Design Institute. They were taken to Court. George Bush jr who had publicly stated he didn’t believe in evolution, appointed a Christian judge to preside. But most of the Intelligent Design heads didnt show up to defend I.D under oath. Science crushed I.D and evidence, like old drafts of the book, proved that Intelligent Design was nothing more of a new label of creationism. I.D was removed from those schools. :D

  11. These kids have no clue what bullshit they are saying.They are repeating what they believe their parents and peers expect them to say. They are often berated and bullied when they ask questions or disagree.This is a great disservice to these children and to us all because WE end up having to deal with their ignorance, hare, bigotry and lack of responsibility. Creationisms is lacking in logic and critical thinking & they can;t do anything but agree or their entire ideology based in the bible dies

  12. mud gods,sun gods ,volcano gods,magic floating gods,valhala and zeus. Does anybody see why none of the deities are real now that biology has every living human having the same ancestery,so we should all have the same creation story,we all are african primates.

  13. WTF evolution is not a debatable subject, it’s proven, look up the meaning of “theory” when it’s attached to a scientific ideal, a scientific theory is fact.

  14. “Is god willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then where does evil come from?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him god?”
    – Epicurus

  15. Religion in itself is not a bad thing, but it’s thanks to such idiots in this video that many atheists look down on religious people.

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