Model tips, How to clean your airbrush after Enamel & Acrylic paint use

How to thoroughly clean a Double action Airbrush after use with Enamel paints, (Acrylic and lacquer, (cellulose), paint procedure cleaning is exactly the same but using the relevant thinners, IPA, Cellulose etc
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 thoughts on “Model tips, How to clean your airbrush after Enamel & Acrylic paint use

  1. Cellulose thinner in the UK, as mentioned in my comments.
    If you’d cleaned it thoroughly as per the vid before putting it away you’d have just been able to take it out, load it and use it instead of soaking it for half an hour, ;-)
    Also, worth noting, if your brush has non teflon type needle packing and O rings, Cellulose thinners / lacquer thinners can quickly and effectively destroy them. This is why the cheaper brushes are labelled unsuitable for spraying automotive paints.

  2. automotive laquer thinner works the best for cleaning, gets rid of ALL paint, and will disolve old dried crusty paint as well. i pulled out my airbrush today and i havent used it in 10 years, had old dried paint all through it. laquer thinner cleaned it all out in about 30 minutes.

  3. Yes it is, the kit was cheap, compressor and 2 brushes, the compressor is almost 2 years old and still in regular use and the brush likewise and has performed excellently and is still in regular use, I use an Iwata now which is better but the cheap chinese brush has been very very good so they’re not all bad, shame you had a bad one but the pricey ones aren’t faultless, I had to have my Iwata replaced as the chrome plating started peeling in the bowl after 2 uses! the replacement so far is fine.

  4. That is the cheapest brand of airbrush, available, on ebay it cost $50 and it comes with compressor, and it sucks, i bought it to try it out, didnt work right. The one i have now cost $250, for airbrush alone.

  5. The big bottle? It’s Turpentine substitute, can be bought from any hardware store or household paint supplier, white spirit works as well.

  6. Hello — I want to thank you so very much for your expertise in the cleaning of an airbrush! I’m getting ready to paint my first bird carving and have never used an airbrush before. This video will help me deal with what to do after I am finished painting. Jandee.

  7. No, this is done after every session of spraying before you put away the airbrush. Some people just spray cleaner/thinners through but from experience spray quality will get worse and you’ll eventually have to strip and clean which will be harder, it’s easier while the paint hasn’t fully hardened.
    If you plan on stopping for an hour or more between coats spray through a bowl of thinners appropriate to the paint.

  8. is this necessary after every single use? im going to be using an airbrush for a tank and i will be stopping every few mins for the paint to dry.

  9. I’m not sure of the exact size off the top of my head but know that it’s a standard fitting, (same as the Iwata range), the only one that uses a different fitting to my knowledge are the Badger airbrush range, they require an adapater to convert to the standard, regular mini compressors have the same fitting also.
    It’s 1/8″ I think but check before you buy any bits.

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    Seriously, I know it’s a wee bit quiet and I don’t have the loudest voice but theres little I can do about it now and others seem to hear it OK

  11. You then need to hold the plunger back and wiggle the trigger in until it fits in the hole and depresses the trigger spring. (making sure the slot in the trigger is forward/back facing.
    Then feed the needle back through from the front.
    Hope this makes sense to you and helps some

  12. Thanks first of all for your kind words.
    The trigger is merely a plunger and the only thing stopping it popping out is the needle, all gravity feed airbrushes do this, even my Iwata.
    To refit, screw in the sprung plunger unit and you’ll have an S shaped steel piece, this fits as an S looking at the left of the brush slot to the bottom, if it’s seperate it can be a fiddle to get in place.

  13. Wow – finally an intelligent person doing a how-to on airbrushing – thanks. I tore into a cheap dual-action model from China yesterday and the actual finger trigger fell out after I removed the needle. Now I can’t get the trigger back into the air brush body because the internal mechanism has been dislodged (I think). Does this happen on good airbrushes? I noticed you weren’t the least bit concerned about the trigger in this demo. Maybe this is why the Chinese brush is so cheap.

  14. It won’t melt the plastic if you thin with white spirits, you’re better sticking with proper enamel thinner from Humbrol though, always stick with the proprietary thinner for the brand to be on the safe side, you’ll guarantee no odd effects.

  15. Hi dude…I want to use humbrol enamel paints…could I use white spirit to thin it? or should I use humbrol paint thinner? someone said if i use white spirit with it the plastic will melt?

  16. I thoroughly clean like this after every session. The end of a session is when i’m done painting for that day, or for a good few hours, say breaking for lunch/errands, during a session i may spray 3 to5 colours, i always start with the lightest and work to the darkest and flush between colour changes with thinners till it flows clean, the only exception is metallics, i clean before changing to a solid colour as metalflake can remain. Process takes 15-20 min max, typically 10min

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