MW3 Pro Tip of the Day: “The Art of Rushing” with SamsonxWo

Another great commentator that deserves some recognition: SamsonxWo. He’s got some great videos where he breaks down his gameplay and tells you what to do and what not to do that is useful for every game. This is episode 6 in his “Road 2 Becoming a Better Call of Duty Player” series. Be sure to go check out his channel, subscribe, and let him know I sent you! Follow me on twitter! Like on Facebook!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “MW3 Pro Tip of the Day: “The Art of Rushing” with SamsonxWo

  1. I refuse to use the pp90 type 95 or mp7 zero kills on all of them and im over 3rd presitige all I do is rush and a run all assault rifles

  2. This is my class for rushing (I got a MOAB with it in TDM)

    Primary: PP90M1- 2 attachments- silencer and extended mags

    Seconday: MP9 silencer

    Blue perk: recon pro

    Red perk: quickdraw pro

    Green perk: sitrep pro

    Killstreaks: assassin,hardline,and dead silence

  3. Best Set for Rushing

    Primary: PP90M1-Range-Extended Mags

    Secondary: Any

    Perks: Extreme Conditioning, Quickdraw, and Steady Aim

    Killstreak: Specailist- SoH, Scavenger, Assassain

  4. my kill confirmed rushing setup is
    Tactical Insertion
    P90 Silencer Rapid Fire
    FMG9 Akimbos
    Sleight of Hand (for changing 2 secondary instead of reloading)
    Quick Draw Pro (for throwing C4 faster and planting tactical quick)
    Stalker Pro (to shuffle from side to side making me harder to shoot)
    Then I use either support or UAV IMS and Helicopter

  5. I once played a game in which i lost but, the guy who manadged the final kill cam on the enemy team passed by me T-baging his comrade, seeing me and going on to someone else to get his final kill. Me T-bagging that player was in the Final Kill cam. So what i am trying to say is, T-bagging can get your adrenaline going.

  6. mental state does help you rally well during the time the girl i liked i think liked me back (gave her 3 hugs in one day jackpot) when i got home play some cod i did hella good like 34 11 pretty good for means now she’s a total ass

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