My First Dry Brush Painting/Sketch

Subscribe to my Art Channel for more!! This is my first time trying out this technique – Dry Brushing. Mediums used were black oil paint, and pencil (for the outline sketch) on 200gr paper. Tutorial on how I dry brush can be found here: Follow me on Facebook: Check out my Website: Music Ain’t Nobody (breakage remix) by Clare Maguire

25 thoughts on “My First Dry Brush Painting/Sketch

  1. hey there!!.wot an art… just wanna ask that, can i use this technique for colours as well.i mean other than black……btw nicw art…thumbs up..

  2. Take a look at the tutorial I do on my art channel. Link in the description box of this video.
    I don’t use any solvents, and I have a mix of natural and synthetic brushes for different textures I want.

  3. Hey guys, how do i get lighter colors using this tehnique? I always get tight, black color, no matter how i mix it, no matter what pressure I apply to brush, How do you do it, guys? I use Whitespirits as solvent aand synthetic brushes

  4. There isn’t a set to buy. Just brushes and oil paint that I already had sitting around. Check out my art channel BlueKittyCreations if you want to know more. I have a tutorial and go through the materials I use to do this.

  5. is it hard to use that technique ?? because it looks so much more relistic and i really want to try :)) sry for bad english ^^

  6. Dry brush technique can be used with canvas. I learned it this way using oils. In answer to one of the viewers. Thank you for the videos they are great. Very nice work. Inspires me to paint again after 20 years. Richard – lrbeard@yahoo.coom

  7. I haven’t tried it on canvas. I think it would have a bit more ‘texture’ to it, and not as smooth as on paper, but cant say for certain.

  8. Fabulous video, painting skills, and music (how I love Clare Maguire!). Thanks for the information on brushes you used. By the way, can this technique also be done on canvas?

  9. I use 200g paper. I also have 230g, but I wouldnt go any thicker than that.
    100g could work, but you dont want to use something as smooth as printer paper.

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