Painting Original Abstract Portrait in acrylics by artist Martina Shapiro

View or Buy Martina Shapiro paintings here: Watch me create my abstract girl portrait painting Colors Of Emotion starting with a blank canvas. I paint from imagination and don’t use any models. I start painting directly on an empty canvas, inventing the shapes, colors and lines as I paint – I never know how the painting will end up looking in the end – the creative process is an adventure and a discovery. I created this painting using a Chinese ink brush with liquid black acrylic paint and then used a regular brush with acrylic paints for the colors. You can see this and my other paintings on my website: Join my Facebook Fan Page: . . . .
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13 thoughts on “Painting Original Abstract Portrait in acrylics by artist Martina Shapiro

  1. it removes some of the paint and creates interesting shapes…it is part of my process of inventing the image. I don’t look at anything when I paint, I start with a blank canvas and allow the image to just ‘happen’. Art is about ideas, about creating something new that did not exist before, not about copying something that already exists :) It takes a lot of learning, practice, experimentation and time. My best wishes

  2. I have been following your artwork for so long. You are absolutely one of my favorite artists. I just recently started painting and I am self taught. You just have been such an inspiration to me. Amazing.

  3. The black paint is liquid acrylic paint – you can buy it like that, it’s a fluid paint. You can thin regular acrylic paint with water and/or acrylic medium that you can buy in an art supply store. I use round brushes for acrylic paint and also Chinese ink brushes.

  4. what kind of brushes and paint do you do you thin your paint out to get that thin or do you buy it that way please let me know..p.s i enjoy watching your videos and i love your paintings

  5. What takes the most time is not painting it (that just a combination of years of practice, skill and talent) but actually inventing the image :)

  6. stunning! can you estimate the number of hours you worked on this? i usually take really long and was just wondering how much it would take a professional like you. thanks!

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