Painting Roses on T-Shirts

Marilyn Jansen paints roses on t-shirts with ease. You will too! Using acrylic paints, water, and a stiff round brush dipped in water and acrylic paints, you’ll see how easy it is to paint beautiful roses.

17 thoughts on “Painting Roses on T-Shirts

  1. Hi Marily I love your technique and it has inspired me to paint cushions. Thanks so much for the tutorials. Love your work.

  2. wait so your using acrylic paints? or fabric? or are there fabric acrylics?lmao well see i like painting shirts and side bags. i just made an alice in wonderland style bag but i dont like how hard the texture is when its dried. when i walk and the bag rubs on ur paints you can hear a scratchy noise and i hate it. is there a different paint i should use? or something i can coat it with afterwards. thank u :)

  3. and here I’ve been struggling with expensive fabric paints. i love love love the water color feel to your work. hate to iron.. was tempted to throw out my iron last week. now i will keep it and try your technique. really nice work.

  4. you used acrylic paint right? Nothing else, no mixing other kind of paint and stuff then just to make it permanent u iron it? Does it last long, doesn’t wash off on laundry?

  5. very nice and seems easy. Im going to try and hope to come back and let you know if I succeed.
    Thanks for advices and I was looking for the video of paint t-shirt with permanent markers but didnt find it. pls let me know how to look for it

  6. This is an amazing and easy tutorial on rose……i’ll try this now only……only thing is that white unprinted tee’s are not available in india…..i’ll try this on pillow covers and napkin sets…….or my curtains maybe……..very very nice vdo,……i love it

  7. I can’t believe I’ve had nearly 10,000 views of my Painting Roses on Tees video! Wow! Make a comment please!

  8. Hi,
    You just put the iron on medium high and iron it. No paper needed. I use spray sizing to keep it really smooth and beautiful. My mom does this everytime she irons here t-shirts! Iron shirts right side out. The paint becomes part of the fabric. It is not thick paint that can come off! Move swiftly over the t-hirt with your hot iron. Not too long over iridescent paints. Iron nice and fast. Smooth out your shirt as best you can before Ok?


  9. but how do you “heat set” the shirt??? i heard u put a towel over the shirt n keep ironin it….is that true??
    nice vid

  10. Hi gem,

    This is acrylic paint and it is permanent! You heat set the shirt or blouse with a medium-hot iron to make it permanent. Machine wash cold or warm and throw in the dryer. I have been doing this painting on tees for over 25 years. NO worries. Permanent.

  11. how long will the paint stay, and u mixed the acrylic right?
    im making a gift for my gf, and i just want to know before i run through a bunch of shirts wrong:P
    thanx for the video

  12. Hope you all love painting on Roses!
    Any questions, please leave your comments.
    Stay tuned for How to Detail Paintings….
    By Marilyn Jansen

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