Spray Paint Art … Space City… Speed Painting

Here is a time elapsed video of me spray painting a cosmic city. Thanks for Watching

25 thoughts on “Spray Paint Art … Space City… Speed Painting

  1. I was in hawii and someone was making paintings VERY much like this i bought 1 he painted it right in front of me in less then 3:00

  2. A while back i was to a market and I saw these incredibile paintings and instatly my mind was like O_O and I swear that if I hadn’t seen the shop owner make one in no more than five minutes with SPRAY PAINT nonetheless O_o I would never have thought it possible…awsome painting. 5* and thumbs up to you

  3. see, i know how to draw pretty well, but when i tried this, i was horrible…i need to practice more

  4. This is amazing! i showed my mom, and every time you sprayed over something already made she said “NO! it looked so good!” but then she said “Oh my goodness it looks better…” and at the end her mind was blown :D

  5. um, no, i’m sorry but that is too cool. i never imagined this could be done. thank you so much (well actually i should thank Stumble but..), thank you for showing me this.

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