Abstract Art painting ‘Alter the Truth’ Modern, contemporary, Mix Lang How to demo.

Beginning to end painting demonstration of ‘Alter the Truth’ Geometric art. See more at www.MLangart.com or facebook, MLangart
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Recorded myself creating this work for an issue of ImagineFX some months ago and finally decided to place it on youtube. music : Anders Ilar – September Nights visit www.danielconway.artworkfolio.com or www.Arcipello.deviantart.com for more of my art.
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Original Abstract Art by Igor Turovskiy

Original Abstract Contemporary Modern Art by Igor Turovskiy
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PLEASE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE IF YOU LIKE :) alot of people have sent me pm’s and comments asking how to make a painting so here is a quick tutorial on how to make and use them. BUY THE GAME! www.minecraft.net GOOGLE+ http TEXTURE PACK www.painterlypack.net WIKI http minecraft how to make a painting minecraft how to make a picture minecraft how to make a hidden door hide a door with a painting
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How to Paint with Acrylic Paint Tutorial how to paint ABSTRACT FACES

TO PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTINGS PLEASE VISIT: EBAY: stores.ebay.com MY NEW WEBSITE: www.raeart.ca MY OLD WEBSITE www.raeart.page.tl CUSTOM PAINTING and PRINTS online store www.freewebstore.org ORDER NOW! “Happiness is a choice” PRINT www.freewebstore.org “Passion Poison” PRINT www.freewebstore.org SHAYTARDS POSTERS FOR SALE!!!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!! cgi.ebay.com My Brothers Music: www.myspace.com www.youtube.com
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Original Modern Abstract Painting Techniques by Peter Dranitsin

abstractartlesson.com Original Modern Abstract Painting Techniques by Peter Dranitsin. Learn simple and effective painting techniques. Tools used in this presentation are: canvas, liquitex acrylic paint, brush, sponge. http;//petesoriginalart.com
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abstractartlesson.com How to paint abstract art flowers using acrylic paint on canvas simple techniques, modern look, tips, tools by Peter Dranitsin petesoriginalart.com
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Hand-painted Oil Wall Art Rising Sun Home Decoration Modern Abstract Oil Painting 4pcs/set Wooden Framed Canvas

Hand-painted Oil Wall Art Rising Sun Home Decoration Modern Abstract Oil Painting 4pcs/set Wooden Framed Canvas

  • SIZE: 30x40cmx2,20x60cmx2(12x16inchx3,8x24inchx2)
  • STYLE: landscape, Still Life, Materials: canvas, oil based paints
  • Ships From China! Allow 14 – 35 days for delivery
  • Detail: Stretched,Framed on the back,ready to hang
  • 100% Hand-painted

Painting Size: 30x40cmx2,20x60cmx2(12x16inchx3,8x24inchx2)

Materials/Milieu: Thick Canvas, high quality oil or Acrylic colors

Detail: Stretched,Framed on the back,ready to hang
Technique : 100% hand painted, different painting techniques

The painting will be dispatched in strong and secure post-tube stretcher.

Seller is responsible for any lost or damage.
If you need the painting on other size, please not hesitate to let me known

Please don`t miss this opportunity to get these perfect

List Price: $ 88.98

Price: $ 54.68

Jean G Dayton – High Energy Abstract Art

Being Authentic I have a unique gift to interpret the essence of anything I put my attention to through colour, shape, movement and flow, this I choose to do through Art by working with higher energies I am able to sense subtle energies, this is something I have been refining for a very long time, all my life in fact to this point where I am ready to reveal my authentic self to all and express how I work. Having been a full time artist for a number of years now I truly believe people are drawn to my paintings from an energy level, they might not know consciously why they like a particular piece, it just resonates with them, this is because the energy of the painting in part or whole resonates with their authentic self. I sometimes dont know why I paint what I do in terms of colour and shape and although influenced by my surroundings, in particular nature, I always know that the right person with the right energy will come along at the right time for one of my paintings, for the home the painting is meant for and to date this has been so. Although I have a limited work available for sale on my website I now work mainly on a commission basis. By choosing me to paint for you I will capture the essence of you, your family, your home through my artistic talent I can interpret the essence of what it is that you want in your life, be it love, abundance, success or to create a peaceful healing environment within your home you will know what is right for you and I will interpret
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Painting Demonstration from beginning to end.
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Simple Way to Create Modern Landscape Abstract Painting.

abstractartlesson.com In this short video lesson I share with you how I created one of my original landscape abstract art painting called “In Silence” All you need for this one is liquitex acrylic paints: brown, white, blue, and black; bottle, sponge, and your desire to create. I hope you enjoy watching this short video and please leave me your comments. I appreciate each and everyone of your feedback! Peter Dranitsin www.petesoriginalart.com
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Abstract Modern Art

My Zazzle.com store (Dean Johnson Fine Art): www.zazzle.com This Abstract Modern Art painting was painted on the 20th of October 2011. San Francisco had two earthquakes on this day while I was in the process of working on this painting. This painting (Abstract Modern Art) was painted entirely with acrylic glazes.

See the full tour and more at audiotourhack.com Welcome to MoMA Unadulterated, an unofficial audio tour for the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection that’s created by kids. Each piece of art is expertly analyzed by kids aged 3-10, as they share their unique, unfiltered perspective on such things as composition, the art’s deeper meaning, and why some stuff’s so weird looking. This is Modern Art without the pretentiousness, the pomposity, or any other big “p” words. This is MoMA… unadulterated.

Abstract Artist Contemporary Painter

Abstract Artist Contemporary Painter Mixed Media Art Fine Arts Zammerly Brushless Painting www.mixedmedia-art.com
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Part 1 of the creation of an abstract painting, “Ribbons”, from start to finish. To view my art gallery, paintings for sale, or learn how to commission a painting visit www.rejcel.com
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