Weiskirche – Amazing Fresco Paintings – Bavarian rococo church in southern Germany

The Wieskirche is a beautiful Bavarian rococo church in southern Germany. The fresco paintings, stuccowork and other artistry is amazing! Some of artists who took part include Balthasar Augustin Albrecht, Aegid Verhelst, Anton Sturm, Johann Baptist Zimmermann, Dominikus Zimmermann, Johann Georg Bergmüller and Joseph Mages. I tried my best to convey the beauty of this place but it is best viewed in person. Visit the Wieskirche when touring the nearby Neuschwanstein Castle.
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Portrait from picture -Amazing Art,paintings 400 hours+.Forever young

Want to see more work? www.etsy.com follow my art twitter.com By Dieppa. Over 30 pieces of art, took over 400 hours. A near lifetime of my work,all works I did between age of 15-18. Art Art ART Tags how to HOW TO how to young young we we we art picture to portrait baby portrait ideas portrait on canvas pastel portrait artists portrait prints watercolor portrait portrait from photograph portraits from photos portrait picture portraits artists portraits photography portrait professional artist portraits portraits from pictures painting
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Amazing Face Paint Art of James Kuhn. slide show to music.

Face paint art from artist James Kuhn’s 365 Transformations project. 61 Faces! and they are all me! except one :] Original Song by Bob Kuhn of the band “Dick Smith” “Hey James, You’ve Got Something On Your Face!” Check out Sept. Readers Digest, article about me on page 112!!!!
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artist paints in 2 1/2 minutes patriotic amazing

Amazing artist Dan Dunn paints a painting in just a few minutes live on stage. Watch it come to life before your eyes!
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With professional lady artist Lily Sparks behind the canvas, painting becomes an “art”! Join Lily as she paints a still life and lets you in on some tricks of the trade. This episode, the still life. Then buy Lily Sparks’ work on eBay! myworld.ebay.com
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