Learn To Understand Colour Mixing BEFORE You Paint, Decorate Or Buy Clothes (Part 1)

*addition for 2012*: I am endorsing and promoting a new art ‘tool’ called the ‘Colour Buster’ for determining colour mixing. You can watch a video demonstration here and, purchase the instant download (you then print it off yourself) for a great price: www.paintbasket.com Home page of site: www.youtube.com In order to create a painting or, understand your coordination of dress or home decoration, you should first acquire the foundation of knowledge in mixing clours. The science isn’t difficult if you take time out and repeat watch these videos. I hope to help you learn this art form BEFORE you put paint to canvas or decorate your home of buy clothes!

Basic acrylic colour mixing: how to mix a perfect purple| Part 2 of 2

www.willkempartschool.com | colour mixing with acrylic paint. Learn how to mix the perfect bright purple with acrylic paint colours with professional artist Will Kemp. Basic colour mixing with acrylic paints to learn about complementary color, colour wheel and colour theory. Colour used Titanium White Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Red Medium Permanent Alizarin Crimson Alizarin Crimson Quinacridone Red Ultramarine blue Phthalo Blue (Green) Cobalt violet (hue) Golden Acrylics Winsor & Newton artists acrylic paints Will Kemp Art School Channel www.youtube.com Music by Elly from Folding Stars. “Kinda sucked anyway” www.myspace.com Check out her other band hello big world! www.tumblr.com

Sterling Publishing Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting

Sterling Publishing Abstract and Colour Techniques in Painting

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Many artists find the move into abstraction a difficult and uncertain one because they lack the proper guidance needed to take this bold step. In this inspirational workbook, award-winning mixed media artist Claire Harrigan leads painters towards non-representational painting through the use of color. Fantastically illustrated throughout and featuring sound technical advice, it covers every aspect of abstract painting, from concepts and influences, inspirations and starting points to approaching

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Reeves Water Colour Paint Sets set of 12

Reeves Water Colour Paint Sets set of 12

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Water color is one of the most widely used painting method in the world. Its popularity can be attributed to the wonderful effects of light and texture that can be achieved when using water color. Water color requires no solvents, is diluted with water and brushes and other painting materials can be cleaned up easily with soap and water. Therefore it is the perfect medium for use in school, at home or in a studio. This basic set of twelve watercolors is perfect for getting started or for adding

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