” Impression of a Dragon, Passion Color ” Hand Painted Modern Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas Stretched & Framed – Modern Art Work Home Decor

” Impression of a Dragon, Passion Color ” Hand Painted Modern Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas Stretched & Framed – Modern Art Work Home Decor

  • SIZE: 4 pieces, 16 x 12 inches x 2 pieces , 8 x 24 inches x 2 pieces
  • STYLE: Abstract, Materials: canvas, oil based paints
  • Painted & FRAMED : Guangdong China (Mainland)
  • SUBJECTS: Abstract with midtones and Shadows. Use for home, office and even gifting!
  • Ships From China! Allow 14 – 20 days for delivery. Not satisfied with this painting? Please view our other Paintings too, We are continually adding more weekly. Just click our name ” Modern Canvas ” !

Not everyone can commission a hand painted peice of art. Up until now, it was a novelty for the rich and famous. Now you too can have inexpensive hand painted artwork that will look beautiful!

List Price: $ 189.99

Price: $ 119.99

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