Let’s Play Super Mario 64 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 | Bob-omb battlefield (Let’s Play)

Let’s play Super Mario 64 Walkthrough Part 1 | Star 1 Bob-omb battlefield. Like always we’re on a journey to save that sexy princess peach! I hope its worth saving her for the million times lol. Video is played by SB ➚Like CommunityGame On Facebook! www.facebook.com ➚Visit our Community Games Website: www.CommunityGameHQ.com ➚For More Community Gameplays, Video Games, MMO, Rpg. Visit: www.youtube.com ➚Follow Us At: twitter.com ➚Check Out My Brother Channel: www.youtube.com Subscribe for more video games + news! Super Mario 64 is set in Princess Peach’s Castle, which consists of three floors, a basement, a moat, and a courtyard. The area outside the castle is an introductory area in which the player can experiment, testing his or her player skills. Scattered throughout the castle are entrances to courses via secret walls and paintings. Super Mario 64 begins with a letter from Princess Peach inviting Mario to come to her castle for a cake she has baked for him. However, when he arrives, Mario discovers that Bowser has invaded the castle and imprisoned the princess and her servants within it using the power of the castle’s 120 Power Stars. Many of the castle’s paintings are portals to other worlds, in which Bowser’s minions keep watch over the stars. Mario explores the castle for these portals to enter the worlds and recover the stars. He gains access to more rooms as he recovers more Power Stars, and eventually traverses three different obstacle courses, each leading

In this unique series of paint-along videos, Wilson Bickford will show you a painting from start to finish, using the Wilson Bickford Signature products. In this video, follow along as Wilson demonstrates how to paint a nighttime scene with a shooting star in oils using the wet-on-wet technique. This lesson is a fun project for painters of all skill levels!

XBOX Live Gameplay – MW3 Liberation Review + Tips, ft. FlenzBorg

FlenzBorg showing us one of the first new maps from Call of Duty Elite Drops: Liberation. Directors Channel ► www.youtube.com Facebook ► www.facebook.com Twitter ► www.twitter.com Google + ► plus.google.com Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Want to become a Director for XLGameplay? xlgameplay.com