Time lapse misty forest landscape painting using Interference paints by Tim Gagnon

www.timgagnonstudio.com this painting uses interference paints, which make the painting look as if it shimmers or changes colors as you walk by it. Music by: BOCrew – By The Way (www.ccmixter.org) and Colab – Supergood
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Simple Way to Create Modern Landscape Abstract Painting.

abstractartlesson.com In this short video lesson I share with you how I created one of my original landscape abstract art painting called “In Silence” All you need for this one is liquitex acrylic paints: brown, white, blue, and black; bottle, sponge, and your desire to create. I hope you enjoy watching this short video and please leave me your comments. I appreciate each and everyone of your feedback! Peter Dranitsin www.petesoriginalart.com
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Abstract Art, Step by Step Process Painting Landscape Original Painting, Three Islands

abstractartlesson.com In this ABSTRACT ART video lesson I will share with you a step by step process in creating a landscape modern and original painting called “Three Islands”, I will explain and demonstrate the tools and colors I used to create this painting. Learn how to paint and be creative.Few small details about this artwork: it is created with acrylic paint on 12×12″ stretched canvas. If you’d like to buy this original artwork it is still available as I type this video description. Please visit my website at petesoriginalart.com I have also dedicated a special page on my website where I post similar abstract art videos that you can stream or download to your desktop: abstractartlesson.com Thank you so much for your time and your interest in my abstract art video lessons! I hope that you enjoy watching and please leave me your comments! Peter Dranitsin petesoriginalart.com

Surrealist and Fantasy painter Katarina Ali was born in 1973 in Zemun, Yugoslavia. In 1993 she graduated in Industrial Design from the School of Design in Belgrade and in 1999 she graduated in Graphic Planning from the Academy of Beautiful Arts and Design in Belgrade. Dreamy and fairy atmospheres, gothic style and awareness to the Pre-Raphaelites art permeate the works of the young Yugoslavian artist Katarina Ali. Her paintings are immersed in a magical, fluctuating, quiet, ethereal and sensual dimension. Small sparkling lights, similar to fireflies, accompany Katarina’s characters illuminating the way bringing them to the search of their own destiny. The artist’s poetics can be found in a text by the poet and writer (as well as diplomat and ambassador) Jovan Ducic: “Tsar Radovan’s Treasure”. Ducic, influenced by the Parnassians and by the French Symbolist Movement, wrote poetry and lyric verses which introduced in the Serbian literary production the taste of the “art for the art.” A particular extract of the text, that mentions the Tsar Radovan, allows us to be completely immersed in the magical atmosphere of Katarina’s works: “… of it has spoken Moses when he followed the word of God, Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon and Christopher Columbus when he entrusted his sails to the wind that brought him to the land which he knew nothing about. This treasure also searches for the astronomer that observes the star clouds, the botanist who looks for the secret of the
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Beautiful landscape oil paintings by fineproart.com

More on www.fineproart.com This amazing oil painting will for sure enhance the wall of your home and bring magic and warmth into your life. With this colorful oil painting it will be so easy to lighten up your place.
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www.popartic.com Custom order. Project “Einstein” Hand Painted Pop Art Style in Fast Motion by ALSu Music Gatewick ( vinyl airport delay) by Aes Dana
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Artist Eric Crabtree painting an abstract landscape

Abstract artist painting minimalist seascape. Visit our website www.jcrabtreefineart.com

abstractartlesson.com Abstract Art Painting Acrylic techniques by Peter Dranitsin petesoriginalart.com petesoriginalart.com To get more free abstract art lessons, and free acrylic painting techniques please visit Peter Dranitsin’s website at petesoriginalart.com In this video I will show you how I created one of my paintings called “Apples for Breakfast”. To get more free art lessons and tips on contemporary techniques that I use please visit my art gallery at PetesOriginAlart.com Thank you for taking your time to view this video and I hope that you will enjoy it. Please leave me your comments after you watch the video. Acrylic paintings and techniques have the advantage over other media in that they are long-lasting, yet less costly than oil paintings. Oil and pastels for paintings have drawbacks, pastels being more ephemeral and possibly giving rise to breathing issues due to their chalk residue, and oils for the length of time needed to dry being quite lengthy, perhaps up to months’ worth of drying time, as well as the turpentine fumes being bothersome to many. Acrylic paintings are synthetic paint made from pigments blended with synthetic materials. They are water-soluble and can be used on a large range of surfaces; they can be mixed as can oil paints and they clean up easily. In an indoor studio, their smell is less overwhelming than is an oil-based paint. While many artists choose oils because of their opacity, the translucent quality of arcrylic paintings and