Abstract Art painting ‘Alter the Truth’ Modern, contemporary, Mix Lang How to demo.

Beginning to end painting demonstration of ‘Alter the Truth’ Geometric art. See more at www.MLangart.com or facebook, MLangart
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Recorded myself creating this work for an issue of ImagineFX some months ago and finally decided to place it on youtube. music : Anders Ilar – September Nights visit www.danielconway.artworkfolio.com or www.Arcipello.deviantart.com for more of my art.
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Philosophy #131: Being a Small Martial Artist (Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu 2010)

If you are born small accept and embrace it. Be the best you can be with what you were born with. There are many advantages of being small that many do not realize.Freddie has founded Freddies Modern Kung Fu in 2009, an online Martial Arts Academy on YouTube, that expresses his interpretation of Bruce Lees Tao of Jeet Kune Do and his understanding of the ancient wisdom of Eastern Philosophy. His private underground school is located in Chicago, IL. Fitness and Philosophy lessons are open to the public. Survival technique lessons are only open to official disciples. All techniques are scientifically proven to be effective and are aimed towards unarmed street survival combat. Freddie hand selects disciples to personally train that have the proper discipline and compassionate heart to become successful in his art. If you are interested in becoming an online disciple of Freddies Modern Kung Fu, check his playlist Becoming a Disciple and email Freddie at FreddiesModernKungFu@live.com to determine if this art is right for you. Personal and Private instruction for Freddies Modern Kung Fu is available in Chicago, IL. Check out this amazing book that helped me find peace and happiness in life: www.amazon.com

A story that weaves through the lives of five generations of mothers and daughters, The Neighbor takes its audience on an unexpected journey. Shirin (Azita Sahebjam), a middle-aged woman living in Vancouver has seemingly outlived most of her passions. As she yearns for something to give meaning to her monotonous days and nights, a chance encounter with her next door neighbor, Leila (Tara Nazemi), promises to unfold a new chapter in her life. Attempting to befriend Leila, Shirin’s persistent curiosity soon uncovers there’s more to the young woman than Leila is ready to reveal. 2011 Venice Biennale, In Competition: Premio Citta di Venezia NYC Premiere at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Winner Best Feature Narrative: 21st Festival of African, Latin American and Asian Films in Milan, Italy Winner Best Canadian Film ReelWorld Film Festival, Toronto Women’s International Film Festival, Chennai, India Women’s Film Festival, Vancouver, BC Women’s Film Festival, Miami, Florida Women’s Film Festival, Brattleboro, Vermont 2010 In Competition: World Premiere Montreal World Film Festival Vancouver International Film Festival Chicago International Film Festival Sao Paolo International Film Festival Winner, Best Actress (Parisa Wahedi) Los Angeles International Film Festival

Netherlands: Groningen, The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Groninger Museum is a museum of modern and contemporary art. The Groninger Museum was founded in 1894. The opening of its new building in 1994 caused a sensation and it has since established a reputation of being among the finest museums in the nation.] The radically modernist structures forming the Groninger Museum stand in a canal opposite a railway station consist of three main pavilions: a silver cylindrical building designed by Philippe Starck, a yellow tower by Alessandro Mendini, and a pale blue deconstructivist space by Coop Himmelb(l)au. A bridge that connects the museum to the train station is part of a cycling and walking path to the central city. The Groninger Museum is the home to various expositions of local, national, and international works of art, most of them modern and abstract.
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Title: FOR POETS // Modern Coffee Metal Table : Modern Furniture Design www.tankedstudio.com Hope you enjoyed watching Modern Coffee Table, which is made of Steel. Please SUBSCRIBE for More Art Videos! I really do appreciate that. To see a “Cow Chair” video, click here: youtu.be Music: Opening song by Rick Clarke permission as Royalty Free Music: music4yourvids.co.uk Remaining song by Bustrexx & Feint – Against The Grain: permission to use this song: www.youtube.com (Disclaimer: These songs are used only for entertainment purposes. All rights belong to the owners, I do not own the music that plays in this video.) Thanks for Watching! :) -Yevgeniy Rybakov // TankedStudio.com
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euronews le mag – A modern eye on Edvard Munch

www.euronews.net An exhibition of the works by Edvard Munch has opened in Paris before it moves to other cities in Germany and London. Edvard Munch, “The Modern Eye,” is aiming to throw a fresh light on the painters life. Many of the images by the Norwegian have not been seen in France before and the exhibition is being hailed as one of the most original of his work to date. Its believed he was the first photographer in the 20th century who held the camera himself and took photos of himself like people do today with their mobile phones.

Original Modern Abstract Painting Techniques by Peter Dranitsin

abstractartlesson.com Original Modern Abstract Painting Techniques by Peter Dranitsin. Learn simple and effective painting techniques. Tools used in this presentation are: canvas, liquitex acrylic paint, brush, sponge. http;//petesoriginalart.com
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abstractartlesson.com How to paint abstract art flowers using acrylic paint on canvas simple techniques, modern look, tips, tools by Peter Dranitsin petesoriginalart.com
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Modern Oil Painting on Canvas Stretched – Passion

Modern Oil Painting on Canvas Stretched – Passion

  • High quality 100% Hand-painted oil painting on canvas
  • Frameless Design
  • Rich Color and Gloss Levels
  • Painted Edges for a Finished Look
  • 3 Panels Total 48in x 24in. Center 24in x 24in. Side panels 12in x 24in each

Stretched: Gallery wrapped and stretched with 1″ wooden frame, the edges are painted and the surface was covered with clear layer to protect the painting, ready to hang.

Actual size can be different from the painting size in image.

Price: $ 129.00

Modern Art Drip Painting by Swarez. A partly Pollock inspired piece of large original art

This is a montage of some of the incredible close up shots of this extraordinary modern art painting. 28 colours and nine feet wide this Jackson Pollock inspired piece is all about the detail. Meticulous planning, preparation and execution have resulted in a truly jaw-dropping original painting.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5