Let’s Play Toontown – Music with Monty – #14

Almost finished Toontown Central! Yay! Copyright: All music featured in this video was originally uploaded for commercial use, including the works of Kevin Macleod (www.incompetech.com) and various artists from (www.jamendo.com). Music not from these sources are the responsibility of the original uploader of such content. This video features footage from a video game (Disney’s Toontown Online) accompanied with extensive commentary and reviewing purposes. No copyright infringement is intended.

- Music – This Week In Music – Kristin Thomson, Future Of Music Coalition

In the 12th episode of This Week In Music, Ian Rogers sits down with Future of Music Coalition’s Kristin Thomson to talk about FMC’s initiatives. Future of Music Coalition is a national nonprofit organization that works to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists flourish, are compensated fairly for their work, and where fans can find the music they want. Included in the discussion are: 1. Why is FMC conducting this research? 2. What are the components of the research? 3. What kind of musicians are you studying? 4. It’s a global marketplace. Why just study US musicians? 5. Why should musicians and songwriters participate in the project? 6. What do you see as the outcomes of this work? 2:10 – Kristen Speaks of legal music practices, How artists become legal stake holders. 3:45 – How did you start the Future Music Coalition and where did you start? 5:15 – You guys did some reports on digital radio consolidation? 5:45 – How do you try to affect some change? 7:15 – Its pretty amazing, your sitting with policy makers and the FCC, what was it like to go from being in a band to sitting with policy makers? 8:45 – Has there been a moment when you thought “wow, we are making progress”? 09:45 – In traditional radio there is 0% paid out to artist, satellite may pay 7%- your trying to help get the money directly to the artist? 11:45 – Sound exchange will be some artists number 2 in respects to income. 14:00 – Whats the program look like this year? 15:30 – Its a huge problem when
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Electro House Sessions: Episode 19! ● Follow me on: Facebook: on.fb.me / on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly SoundCloud: soundcloud.com ● SUPPORT THE ARTISTS/LABELS and BUY THEIR MUSIC [EHS] EP.19 TRACK LIST 00:00 Vicetone – Twenty [FREE] Download: soundcloud.com Follow Vicetone: Facebook: www.facebook.com Youtube: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com 03:30 Disco Fries – BassOff [FREE] Download: soundcloud.com Follow Disco Fries: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com SoundCloud: soundcloud.com 06:23 Jay Saunders – Zombie Apocalypse (Jake Shanahan Remix) [Big Aliance Records] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Jake Shanahan: Facebook: www.facebook.com SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Site: www.jakeshanahan.com Follow Big Aliance Records: www.facebook.com 09:53 KJ Sawka ft La Meduza – Repeating Cycles (Stiletto Remix) [Simplify Recordings] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Stiletto: Facebook: www.facebook.com SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Twitter: twitter.com Follow Simplify Recordings: www.facebook.com 11:38 Far East Movement – Dirty Bass (James Egbert Remix) [FREE] Download: soundcloud.com Follow James Egbert: Facebook: facebook.com Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Twitter: twitter.com 15:08 Soulero – Coma [Funkk Sound Recordings] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Soulero: Facebook: www.facebook.com SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Follow Funkk Sound Recordings: Facebook: www.facebook.com 16:42 Mike Rabbit – Noise [FREE] Download: soundcloud.com Follow Mike Rabbit: Facebook: www.facebook.com SoundCloud


Electro House Sessions: Episode 14! ● Follow me on: Facebook: on.fb.me / on.fb.me Twitter: bit.ly SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Intro by : www.youtube.com ● SUPPORT THE ARTISTS/LABELS and BUY THEIR MUSIC [EHS] EP.14 TRACK LIST 00:00 TJR Ft. Whiskey Pete – Face Melt (ReepR Remix) [Pop Rox Muzik] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow ReepR: Facebook: www.facebook.com SoundCloud: soundcloud.com Twitter: twitter.com Follow Pop Rox Muzik: www.facebook.com 02:59 Charlie Darker – Bustah [Burn The Fire Records] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Charlie Darker: Facebook: facebook.com Soundcloud: soundcloud.com Twitter: twitter.com Follow Burn The Fire Records: www.facebook.com 04:29 Hellberg- Dimensions [Monstercat] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Hellberg: Facebook: www.facebook.com YouTube: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Follow Montercat Records: Facebook: www.facebook.com 07:29 Varien – Resurrection of the Dagger [Monstercat] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Varien: Facebook: www.Facebook.com YouTube: www.Youtube.com Twitter: www.Twitter.com Soundcloud: www.Soundcloud.com Follow Montercat Records: Facebook: www.facebook.com 09:29 Project 46 – Hasselhoff [Monstercat] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Project 46: Facebook: www.facebook.com Website: www.project46.com Twitter www.twitter.com Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com Follow Montercat Records: Facebook: www.facebook.com 12:14 Yenn feat Jay Jacob – Prelude, The Great Introduction [Big Alliance Records] Buy: www.beatport.com Follow Yenn: Facebook
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70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Official music video of 70 Millions by Hold Your Horses ! www.myspace.com/holdyourhorsesparis itunes.apple.com www.logre.tv contact@logre.tv An entertaining and cheeky music video for 70 Million, hit song by Franco-American band, Hold Your Horses!, offers a wink at art history as band members playfully reconstruct famous paintings in an off the wall lyrical interpretation all their own. Clip de 70 Million, chanson du groupe franco-americain Hold Your Horses ! produit par L’Ogre, mettant en scène les membres du groupe dans un voyage à travers l’histoire de l’art.

tags: “Adobe Photoshop” “Anime Speed” “Photo Manipulation” Drawing Painting Paint Anime Draw Tutorial Artist Drawings Naruto Animation Hungary Magyar Sasuke Budapest Sculpture Hungarian Cs3 “Hungarian People” Flash Cs4 Tribute Paintings Gimp Text Tutorials Design Museum Artwork “Tutorial Part” Abstract Digital Contemporary Artists Painter Color Portrait Pencil Sketch Installation “Speed Painting”
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SAMO© – Jean-Michel Basquiat – NASA + Kool Kojak + Fab Five Freddy – Art + Music – MOCAtv

For this film, rather than making a direct homage to Basquiat’s work, the filmmakers decided instead to try to re-create the world, which spawned SAMO. NASA Is a DJ duo featuring Brazilian DJ, Ze Gonzales (aka DJ Zegon) and music producer Sam Spiegel (aka Squeak E. Clean), who are known for their collaborations with Kanye West, MIA, Santigold, David Byrne, Karen O and more. The duo came together with Brazilian-American producer Kool Kojak to collaborate on the track that also features legendary New York impresario Fab Five Freddy, who was recruited to do spoken word. A search for archival footage of New York from the era was undergone, then coupled with organic elements to add a sense of hand-made to the film. Animator Maya Erdelyi painstakingly painted and scratched hundreds of feet of vintage 16mm stock, which has been used as a visual bed for the film. Erdelyi and artist Alexis Ross did the SAMO/Fab Five Freddy texts and lettering by hand. Aaron Rose and filmmaker/animator Thomas McMahan then assembled of the final piece together in the edit. A film by Aaron Rose and Thomas McMahan Music by NASA featuring Kool Kojak and Fab Five Freddy Animations by Maya Erdelyi and Alexis Ross Like MOCA on Facebook: bit.ly Follow MOCA on Twitter: bit.ly +1 MOCA on Google+: bit.ly
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Zion I – Finger Paint feat. Susan Suh & Dust – (Official Music Video – Lyrics)

www.facebook.com www.twitter.com www.zionicrew.com From the album Deep Water Slang V2.0 Lyrics: Feel my finger paint Color to stimulate ya Rise relate ya Pass in love and nature Rhymes to break ya, take ya Up to the maker Away from the pain We feelin safer The liberate to rectify the soul Written in red, green, black Trim it with gold We been in war Hey man we seen it all before Got you feeling the fundamentals of flow toe-to-toe How we battle You can light the shadow Walking with You bring a barrage of marshmallow Yellow Words and word curse Lip style mellow Zion the lion-hearted fellow Bellow Finger paint you can hold the weight When the mind is great, then the soul create I reperate like I’m water when I change my state Mindscape to the next levitate Breakin all the shit that I don’t want to hold Makin all the *song birds* inside me flow *sowing* all the seasons *that* can make me grow And I’m breathing I’m breathing slow Breathe In…Out Feel my finger paint as the world spins Let my finger paint cleanse your sins My finger’s paintin’ all colors on your skin See my reflection in my brother, my twin I’m sparkin’ a light to your soul deep within You can hear the echo when I drop my pen The children hold hands under the rainbow Everywhere we go we bring the same flow Feel my finger-paint on my parabola Supernovas, nebulas, satellites My finger’s paintin’ all over the mic My finger’s paintin’ lightning when it strikes Bring down the rain, release the pain Master the craft
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Amazing Face Paint Art of James Kuhn. slide show to music.

Face paint art from artist James Kuhn’s 365 Transformations project. 61 Faces! and they are all me! except one :] Original Song by Bob Kuhn of the band “Dick Smith” “Hey James, You’ve Got Something On Your Face!” Check out Sept. Readers Digest, article about me on page 112!!!!
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