Part 25 – Prachett Painting Puzzle

A full Let’s Play of the greatly anticipated Dishonored. The game is played from a first-person perspective and allows the player to tackle a series of assassination missions in a variety of ways, with an emphasis on player choice. Missions can be tackled by stealth, combat or a combination of both. Exploring levels opens new paths and alternatives for accomplishing mission goals, and it is possible to complete all missions and eliminate all of Attano’s targets in a non-lethal manner. The story and missions are modified based on violent actions, or lack thereof, committed by the player. Magical abilities are designed to be combined to create new, more powerful effects. Dishonored full LP playlist like my new facebook page. join my steam group Follow me on twitter and subscribe for more
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How to Paint:Beach,Seagulls – Marge Kinney Part 3 of Seascape Painting (3 Parts)

A video art tutorial on how to paint a beach with a shoreline and flying seagulls from Marge Kinney. Also view: Part 1: How to Paint a Sky; and Part 2: How to Paint Ocean, Rocks; on this channel. Just click on “20 + videos” just beneath the video that is playing. Please toggle to full screen for maximum detail. website: music: Free Royalty Free Music by produced and edited by Samuel Kinney:
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Minecraft Mods – FancyGUI, Painting GUI, and EnderSpace 1.3.1 Review and Tutorial

Interesting mods, each one of these mods can benefit our experience of Minecraft! Thank you for Rating this video, I love your support! Forum / Post: Enderspace: Painting GUI: Winrar: ======================================== Download: Download Located here: ======================================== ( Music ) By: Josh Woodward With Permission ” Incoherent ” Amazing Artist! Follow SCMowns On Facebook: On Twitter: Map:

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Painting a Painting with Michael Shapcott No.2

Please visit: to see the cool project I’m working on. Painting a Painting with Michael Shapcott No. 2 “Salt Water” Graphite, Acrylic, Oil on Canvas Music (in order) The Shins, “Australia” Beck, “Hell Yes” The White Stripes, “We’re Going to Be Friends” Michael Shapcott, “Noise Control” Iron & Wine, “Boy with a Coin” Can’t view the video in your country?? Check out my Vimeo page and watch them there:
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painting demonstration, how I do it!

How To Paint A Red Sun At Sunset Using Acrylic Paint On Canvas painting Lesson Video

See this lesson in detail: Next video: I also have DVDs on my website so you can paint along while watching me on your big screen TV and without having to wait for downloads. You will be able to fast forward and replay instantly without commercials. Here is the link: I am sure you would like to know where I buy my art supplies. After so many years of painting I give you a tip on where to buy them at the lowest price on this link: How To Paint A Red Sun At Sunset Using Acrylic Paint On Canvas painting Lesson Video
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Part 1: Digital Environment Painting with Noah Bradley

This is the first part of four segments on digital environment painting. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: View the final painting here: View my complete portfolio here: I hope you enjoy watching this video, and if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them. Also, if you do any environment pieces after watching this I’d love to take a look at them. Thanks!
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Abstract Art painting ‘Alter the Truth’ Modern, contemporary, Mix Lang How to demo.

Beginning to end painting demonstration of ‘Alter the Truth’ Geometric art. See more at or facebook, MLangart
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Recorded myself creating this work for an issue of ImagineFX some months ago and finally decided to place it on youtube. music : Anders Ilar – September Nights visit or for more of my art.
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