Van Dogh – Monkey Umbrella – Cartoon for toddlers, play with paints

Cartoon videos show for children, puzzles and visual riddles to play with toodlers and kindergarten. Van Dogh is painting a frog when his friends come, and the children paint a more complicated picture with other animal with an umbrella. Do you know what is it? Synopsis: Won, Pan and Kit, ride their tricycles through colorful, Spring-like paths, knowing they’ll find Van Dogh on their way. He shows them the magic in his brushstrokes, where shining stars mix his drawings and transform them into puzzles. Every day, the imagination of Yon, Pat and Kit, shall have to face the challenge of solving such these visual and colourful enigmas, while with his funny suggestions, Van Dogh fills their meetings with lots of laughter. Cartoon series that helps the development and stimulation of imagination and creativity of children through entertainment. Videos of games for children © Motion Pictures, SA Production – Format 104×4′ – 3D HDTV Target: Preschool Now in www.motionkids-tv,com you can find all episodes of Van Dogh cartoons. There are also other cartoon series for kids in spanish and english, activities and games for childrens, coloring pages and a lot of fun! More Van Dogh cartoon videos: Subscribe to Channel: Other cartoon videos: Motion Pictures in social networks: Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest –
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Time lapse misty forest landscape painting using Interference paints by Tim Gagnon this painting uses interference paints, which make the painting look as if it shimmers or changes colors as you walk by it. Music by: BOCrew – By The Way ( and Colab – Supergood
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Panic’s Speed Paints – Duncan in Twilight Forest

First song is called Pixel Dust by Hat Films (it reads in the video guys! T_T) Fan art of Duncan aka Lalna from Yogscast in Twilight Forest Minecraft mod :) Tools: Wacom Bamboo and Paint Tool SAI Time spend from start to finish: 5 hours Video edited with Debut Video Capture Software + VideoPad Video Editor Editing by Panic Music by NIGHTkilla : dj Nate and Hat Films Listen to their music here: DevintART

Looks awesome. More awesome stuff

David Choe paints poster of Danny Trejo aka Machete

SA Studios orchestrated a true meeting of the minds when it introduced Machete star Danny Trejo to world-renowned visual artist David Choe. Inspired by Danny’s iconic face, David Choe crafted original poster art based on Machete as a tribute. SA Studios was on-hand to capture this unique pairing and document the creation of David Choe’s original Machete art.

Artist Akiane Kramarik Paints Mysteries of Divine Presence by Dr Carol Francis part 1

Akiane’s interview is inspirational and insightful. Her recent 18th birthday becomes a earmark for those well familiar with her moving portraits, landscapes and mystical expressions she has painted since age 8. She has been interviewed by more media than any modern artist including Oprah, Diane Sawyer, CNN, and a myriad of others who seek to understand how Akiane thinks and works. This interview captures the longest person to person indepth interview Akiane has provided ever and as an adult. Akiane, world famous painter, child prodigy, joins Dr. Carol Francis to explore Akiane’s deep, penetrating, magical, and mature contemplations associated to her art and progression as one of the most celebrated and interviewed artists in modern times.

What is Base Coat Clear Coat Paint? Learn About Single Stage Paints & Primers!

Learn here: Learn and see what kind of paints that you may want to use when painting your car. The most popular basecoat clearcoat paints are on the new cars. Single stage paints are a cheaper paint but also have a great finish. You also can apply two coats of polyurethane clear over single stage enamel paints.
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Charlie Bowater Paints Death, in Photoshop

This video by Atomhawk artist Charlie Bowater accompanies a step by step Photoshop workshop featured in ImagineFX magazine issue 79. For more info on ImagineFX visit: Get a FREE digital edition of ImagineFX for iPad iPhone, iPod touch when you download our free app: Get a FREE 14 day trial of ImagineFX with Barnes & Noble’s Nook: Buy a digital edition for Android, PC, Mac & iPad: Buy a printed edition:

Learn More: In this clip from her DVD workshop, Watercolor Portrait Painting: Female, renowned teacher Jan Kunz shares all her secrets for painting life-like hair. Jan offers tips on stroke direction, softening edges, and layering, and you’ll learn all the color mixes she uses to match her reference photo. Buy the DVD from Creative Catalyst: Watch Instantly at

Bill Alexander paints a wonderful path in the forest part 3/3 wet on wet oil painting art

William (Bill) Alexander was born in 1915 in East Prussia. As a youth he used his artistic talents to paint carriages and murals for local aristocrats. After the war, Bill and his family immigrated to North America to pursue their dream of building a home and to share Bills gift of painting. Bill and his wife, Margaret, traveled throughout the United States and Canada teaching painting and making friends, often selling paintings to meet living expenses along the way. During this time Bill worked hard to develop his wet-on-wet technique and products. He developed the base medium Magic White, extra-thick oil paints, and special palette knives and brushes. These products work together to help artists, even a beginning artist, create beautiful scenes on the canvas. By 1974, when he completed his first Emmy-winning Magic of Oil painting television show, Bills dream had become a reality. He had built himself a home in North America a home in the hearts of thousands who discovered with Bills help that they could have the almighty power to fire in and be happy painters too. Today, Bill continues to teach the world to paint through his television shows available on DVD. william bill alexander wet on wet oil painting forest trees path sunlight

Guy Paints Himself Green Like Incredible Hulk

Wannabe Incredible Hulk covers himself in green paint… and then discovers it won’t come off Brazilian man proved when he painted himself to look like the Incredible Hulk – and found the colour wouldn’t wash off. Pool attendant Paulo Henrique dos Santos, from Vila Cruzeiro, dressed up as the comic book hero for a running event, but got a nasty shock when the time came to remove the green paint. After frantic scrubbing, the hapless chap realised he’d used a paint reserved for ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines. Paulo had hoped to buy a brand of paint he’d used on a previous outing as the Hulk, but the shop he went to didn’t have it. He feared the industrial paint could actually give him lead poisoning, though he appears to have had no symptoms. The 35-year-old, who also works as a DJ in Rio de Janeiro and is known as MC Marronzinho, has achieved overnight celebrity in his local area. As if being bright green wasn’t embarrassing enough, the local press ran pictures of his mother trying to remove the paint – and referred to her as his girlfriend. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

Picture this. You’re walking in a gallery, along a wall of oil portraits – all of them impressive works of art. They’re so good, they’re almost popping off the canvas. Until you realise….they actually are. Al Jazeera reports from Washington DC.
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