Minecraft Mods – FancyGUI, Painting GUI, and EnderSpace 1.3.1 Review and Tutorial

Interesting mods, each one of these mods can benefit our experience of Minecraft! Thank you for Rating this video, I love your support! Forum / Post: FancyGUI:bit.ly Enderspace: bit.ly Painting GUI: bit.ly Winrar: bit.ly ======================================== Download: Download Located here: www.scmowns.com ======================================== ( Music ) By: Josh Woodward With Permission ” Incoherent ” www.joshwoodward.com Amazing Artist! Follow SCMowns On Facebook: on.fb.me On Twitter: bit.ly Map: bit.ly

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How To Paint A One Stroke Butterfly Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! I want to start off by saying Thank You Soooo Much for your very kind messages on my makeup video. I had lots of fun reading your comment’s. Thank You ` Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Today’s nail design video is actually several month’s old, I had a cold during the filming of this video which is why I opted for a voiceover. I hope your Friday & coming Weekend are full of Happy Times. See You Next Time, Bye* Disclaimer: I have no affiliation to any of the company brands I mention in this video. I will get no monitary compensation for mentioning any of the products used in this video.

Tropical Island Beach Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! Happy Friday ~ Its been so nice & hot that I wanted to work on a beach design. I hope you like these Island themed nails. All the paints I used are by Faber Castell, except for the green I used on the leaves, this one is by Folk Art & its called Fresh Foliage. The green I used for my palm tree is by Deco Art, called Crystal Green. The brown I used for the palm tree is by Folk Art, & its called Metallic Antique Copper. Have a Great Friday ~

WWE 12 – Paint Tool Tutorial Episode 7: R-Truth Little Jimmy

This week’s episode is featuring R Truth’s Little Jimmy Logo. You can find this on Community creations for the PS3… Search Tags: 2TM, R Truth, Little Jimmy. Hope you enjoyed the video and dont forget to comment below on what you would like to see for next weeks episode. FaM Smackdown Episode 1 Part 1/5: www.youtube.com DC Universe Videos: www.youtube.com ———————————————————————————————————– Like Me On Facebook!! www.facebook.com Follow Me On Twittter!! twitter.com My Backup YT Channel: www.youtube.com Graphics Designer: www.youtube.com Intro By: www.youtube.com The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough: www.youtube.com WWE Gets Merked Show: www.youtube.com DC Universe Online Show: www.youtube.com MW3 Playlist: www.youtube.com My Submissions to Machinima Sports: www.youtube.com

How to paint a Heldrake? Chaos Space Marine Warhammer 40k Painting Tutorial

Resin bits and models: store.forgeplanet.com How to paint the flames youtu.be Paints used Flames (in order of using): VAC Medium Sea Grey, VAC Fire Red, VAC White, VAC Orange, VAC White, VAC Yellow, VAC Light Red, Satin Varnish Biomechanical Parts: VAC Tank Brown, VAC Sandy Brown, VAC US Sand Other parts: Vallejo Liquid Gold Red Gold, VAC Steel, VAC Black, VGC Falcon Turquoise Music by Kevin MacLeod Track: Impact Moderato ISRC: US-UAN-11-00618 music.incompetech.com Used under licence Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 creativecommons.org
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How to Paint with Acrylic Paint Tutorial how to paint ABSTRACT FACES

TO PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTINGS PLEASE VISIT: EBAY: stores.ebay.com MY NEW WEBSITE: www.raeart.ca MY OLD WEBSITE www.raeart.page.tl CUSTOM PAINTING and PRINTS online store www.freewebstore.org ORDER NOW! “Happiness is a choice” PRINT www.freewebstore.org “Passion Poison” PRINT www.freewebstore.org SHAYTARDS POSTERS FOR SALE!!!! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!! cgi.ebay.com My Brothers Music: www.myspace.com www.youtube.com
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how to paint lexan bodyshell tutorial rc car traxxas emaxx proline hummer h2

tbcrc show you how we prepare and paint a lexan bodyshell for a long lasting paintjob ,this is a full step by step guide using pactra paints on a hummer h2 shell by proline for use on an e-maxx ,it also fits the traxxas slash if your interested :) all parts were supplied by wheelspinmodels.co.uk ps dont forget to take the body protection off before stickering ;) hope this helps someone :)
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Warhammer 40k Painting Tutorial – Orks with (mostly) washes

**MORE INFO AND INSTRUCTIONS HERE, PLEASE READ** The idea of this tutorial is to get good tabletop-quality models out on the table in less than afternoon or evening without worrying too much about really fine details and complex highlighting techniques. This is NOT a shortcut to display-quality or golden daemon standards and is aimed more at those of you who want something decent to put on the board but probably don’t like investing time into painting as much, or play Imperial Guard, Orks, Tyranids or any other high model count army. Hopefully this should inspire you to get them painted! Credit to this thread on Warseer: www.warseer.com You’ll need the following: – Paints* – Devlan Mud – Badab Black – Thraka Green – Leviathan Purple – Boltgun Metal – Mithril Silver – Blood Red – Skull White – Chaos Black – White undercoat *You can use alternatives if you can find them, this is what I had at hand! – Tools – Wash brush or equivalent – Standard brush – Drybrush or equivalent – Optional stuff for the basing part at the end – Bubonic Brown – Bestial Brown, for the base rim, though this can be any colour of your choice – Epoxy / Gap Filler – I used No More Nails, similar stuff like Polyfilla will do – Sculpting Knife ‘ERE WE GO 1. 0:40 Undercoat the model white, preferably with a spray of some sort. This will provide highlighting for the washes, any other colour might obscure them. I’m assuming in the video that this is already done, as some can take up to 24 hours to cure. 2
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