the Monkey Paints – Dan Hibiki – Please Share :)

Visit for info on the Original painting or purchasing a poster print of Dan! I also put the links below for your convenience. Thanks guys. Peace! To bid on the eBay auction of this very Painting of DAN! Please follow this link: Prints of this painting can be found at:

The painter Giovanni Casadei paints landscapes in the summer and still lifes in the winter. His current exhibition at Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia features both types. He talks about the differences between these two experiences of art.

25 thoughts on “the Monkey Paints – Dan Hibiki – Please Share :)

  1. So.. You should paint something from dbz :D by the way just went and watched about 8 of your videos, very talented. I subscribed.

  2. Wow, it’s great. But could be a legend if Dan was raising his middle finger. :D That would be kinda, you know, Dan-ish.

  3. New Subscriber….i love how the commentary mixes with the music and you create a masterpiece…..great videos ^_^

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