[Trance] – Eminence & Alex Farway – Belgium [Monstercat Release]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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38 thoughts on “[Trance] – Eminence & Alex Farway – Belgium [Monstercat Release]

  1. don’t get distracted by the man you are talking to, nobody speaks Flemish…
    everyone Speaks Dutch, both in the dutch-speaking part of Belgium and the Netherlands.
    Dialects can be described as flemish, because they are unique, but the language you learn at school is called Dutch

  2. For an entire year, I’ve thought it was Alex Far(a)way.
    2 weeks ago I watched this, and read the title again.
    I was wrong.

  3. Hi guys, Im Exige and probably the billionth comment you’ve read like this! Unfortunately on youtube, the people who do this get the most views, so inevitably, here i am.
    I’m far from a beginner, ive had a release on a label and ive even been featured on beatport! Everyone famous once started out small, and im small now!
    Im sure you have at least one minute to spare to give me listen, but even if not, it takes less than a second to give a thumbs up, and it would mean the world to me!

  4. Unfortunately we do not Partner people who only create Let’s Play videos / commentary videos. You need to have other kinds of content like game reviewers, tutorials, top ten lists, machinima, etc. We cannot help you build an audience if you do not take the craft of film-making seriously. Please learn how to write scripts, edit videos and produce content people are searching for. Footage of simply playing a game is not what we are looking for. YT is flooded with that. Be unique!

  5. Unfortunately at this time we are only Partnering channels where English is the language of the host. We don’t have the resources to support other markets right now.

  6. Can you partner me? I got more than 5 video and got 1,199 per month (socialblade). And got 59 sub.
    Why this video get so many dislike?

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