Tropical Island Beach Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello You Guys!!! Happy Friday ~ Its been so nice & hot that I wanted to work on a beach design. I hope you like these Island themed nails. All the paints I used are by Faber Castell, except for the green I used on the leaves, this one is by Folk Art & its called Fresh Foliage. The green I used for my palm tree is by Deco Art, called Crystal Green. The brown I used for the palm tree is by Folk Art, & its called Metallic Antique Copper. Have a Great Friday ~

25 thoughts on “Tropical Island Beach Nail Art Design Tutorial

  1. hey I just start to watching your videos and subscribe because you have a excellent talent. now question!! are those your real nails? they look like your real nails.

  2. i love your creativity so much, i tried i design and it turned out so well, my friends thought it’s a professional gluing ^_^ keep up with your blessed work, kisses for israel :D

  3. Love this..I gonna paint it tomorrow for my trip to Florida… I am your no.1 follower,,,you are the very good and very detailed…

  4. Siempre sere tu fan número 1 me facinan tus diseños y Los he tratado casi todos, Eres muy talentosa dios te siga bendiciendo con tanto talento para que nos sigas enseñando xoxo… : ) you’re #1 fan rossi

  5. Thank you so muich for your kind words…Its brings me great delight to know I have awesome viewers like yoursellf watching, & having fun learning nail art techniques.
    Big Hugs*

  6. I just want to thank you for all the things I learned thanks to you now I can have beautiful nails, I love all you’re designs and all you’re nail work you are great at what you do and I will always be watching you’re videos thank you love4nails…

  7. This design is awesome!!!! I sat watching the art work being done just now, and it literally took me back to my honeymoon in Negril Jamaica. My nails are so short right now but when they grow out i am gonna try this out. thanks Love4 nails, for another fabulous design. Michee:)

  8. hola, LOVE4NAILS … quiero saber en que tu trabaja porque you quiero estudiar de cosmetologia pero … pienso en los trabajos y no creo que es buen trabajo ….asi me dicen…. queria saber si me pudieras decir en que tu trabajas?

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