Understanding Abstract Art

ARTBYLT.COM: NY artist Lynne Taetzsch describes “problem-solving” in her abstract paintings.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 thoughts on “Understanding Abstract Art

  1. I don’t want you to explain this to me… I opened this video to understand why would anyone like this painting.. like ever?
    I guess I have to continue searching, although I’m becoming more and more sure that I won’t find an answer

  2. abstract art is art. Abstract art is usually not seen as being visually aesthetic as it tends to represent more of the Idea behind it. Thats why its an abstraction of something. that being said there are a lot of hack artists out there.

  3. Thats were you are wrong!
    I paint almost every day and my god you have no idea how interested i’m in art!
    I have a blog with some of my paintings but trust me i have thousands at home!

    Lets say I buy a ten dollar canvas and paint it red then add drips of paint to it.
    Will it have a value of millions?
    If you look at a 2 year old and watch her/him paint it is perfectly the same to what adults are painting these days!
    grow up!

  4. If you don’t think this is art, why did you bother to watch it? You clearly have no understanding of art or any interest is art. Why don’t you go find a show on basket weaving?

  5. How is this art?
    Any 3 year old kid can do this!
    This is an escape for those that don’t know how to draw!

  6. I pronounce “Taetzsch” as one syllable rhyming with the letter “H.” Or “tach” with a long “a” as in “page.”

  7. yeh, i guess that is like musically when you just jam and something flows. Quite an invigorating/ liberating feeling. I may use this to approach my next piece!!

  8. I don’t approach a painting with a specific idea, although I may be expressing a mood I am in. But I am not looking for an “end result,” rather putting the feeling into the painting process. When the painting is finished, the viewer may find their own interpretation.

  9. can i ask how you approach a work, an abstract work, and for example, if you know you want certain colours / lines (whatever) but your not sure of its meaning? Is there ever a message / mood or something your trying to portray. or is the point not to portray anything. I am interested because its hard (musically) trying to approach a work with say a specific idea i.e. war, without it becoming a cliche theme with military / bombs etc

  10. problem solving – its true! I compose electroacoustic music and its a pretty similar approach to be honest. So i am interested in how painters approach creating form etc.

  11. So you want her to have a video just showing her painting with complete silence? No one would appreciate that. The philosophy of art is extremely important.

    And I think that we, as artists need to speak about the philosophy of art and show people why abstract art is so beautiful, and so complex.

    But yes, a little more time of simply looking at the painting would be nice.

  12. ok, so many comments, this one is way too eerily de Kooning for me to respect it. I dont think you have to make such long videos to explain your work. The work speaks as you have implied so…let it speak. too long winded. I like th painting though…but it does need something…I can’t quite put my finger on it either. Hey Modern art if anything is experimentation.

  13. It is a great painting. It’s an epic triumph for an abstract painter to make poetry out of strange forms, lines and colors. It’s o.k. to destroy your images when you don’t see the expression. I always remember Pollock’s words about don’t being afraid to do it, because the painting has a life of it’s own. Thank you for sharing.

  14. This painting is the object of my desire, and that of others who have responded to it. If you respond differently, that’s your choice.

  15. That is only true if a) reason and idea are all that make up the divine. I don’t think so.

    b) Good abstract art embodies the “idea” of aesthetics in color, composition, etc. You may not “get” that idea, but it is there.

  16. I really like the resulting painting, and I agree with your process. Risk taking is what makes it fun and interesting.

  17. You are so right on the money lynne with what your saying! You need to be Brave, bold and take a risk because if your scared to do that then your work will never evolve to the next level. I work exactly the same way ;)

  18. I hope you make more of these, Lynne. You tell it like it is for us (abstract artists). For the commenters who want abstract art “explained” to them in words. Oh well…

    “narrative of process”

  19. what i like about abstract painting is that its story depends on the person who’s viewing it…not understandable to some but for others, there’s a story behind it… cool.

  20. All that you require to do this is some supplies, a couple of cases of cold beer, and a slow weekend.

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  22. Your stuff is awesome! It reminds me of early Pollock before he began his drip phase.

    Check out my stuff and see what you think.

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