Video 3 Part 16 How to paint a beach sunset with acrylic Complete lesson instructions art

Next Video Part 2: First Video: Part 2 starts a slow version series of this painting demonstration. I also have DVDs on my website so you can paint along while watching me on your big screen TV and without having to wait for downloads. You will be able to fast forward and replay instantly without commercials. Here is the link: I am sure you would like to know where I buy my art supplies. After so many years of painting I give you a tip on where to buy them at the lowest price on this link: How to paint a beach sunset. Art painting instructions class. This is a 2 days painting that is condensed in less than 4 minutes.painting instruction beach sunset acrylics how to paint video lesson landscape seascapes ocean wave surf water clouds palm trees tropical rocks reflections sunshine sun sand coconut sky

17 thoughts on “Video 3 Part 16 How to paint a beach sunset with acrylic Complete lesson instructions art

  1. I am following along ith you. I think you would be proud of me. I am doing pretty good so far. You are very goo at this. Thank you so much for sharing ou knowledge and tricks. I love your styleand like the way you teach. I am doing good so far.

  2. OMG that is amazing!!! how did you do that? You are a true artist defantly. What kind of paint did you use? ( i want to paint that) I hope that I can paint as AMAZING as you one day. ( im working on it) Thankz for posting the video. :)

  3. THIS IS AMAZING. Im not even jokingg.. Its beautiful. Well Done.
    I hope to paint as well as you one day.

  4. Really really nice, You make it look so easy though :). While I find it not easy at all. Would it btw either be good or bad if I just used your way of painting a sunset, since I just started and I don’t know the techniques/tricks yet.

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