Winter Wrap Up Mario Paint

PLEASE READ HERE Wow. I am in awe. 31000 views. I didn’t expect to get one thousand. You guys got me on Memebase. I never expected any of this, I didn’t even think this was that good. You guys are awesome. Seriously, you all rock. Due to popular demand, I have added a download link below. You don’t understand how surprised I am about all of this, not kidding. I love you all. If you have time, check out my other Mario Paint videos. The Elements of Nothingness videos are examples of what my friends and I do when I am incredibly sleep deprived, if you feel like listening to derpy readings. My other Mario Paints however are decent enough anyway, they all have like 50 views, though, heh. Download (fixed): I love you guys. Keep up the awesome, season 2 is here. Peace out Bronies, I’ll be here. ♥
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Winter Wrap Up Mario Paint

  1. Sweet Celestia….

    Have you considered being head music designer for the Equestrian Music Company? My ears exploded from the awsomeness that is this music

  2. and even tho i love my boots this fasion’s getting old the time has come to welcome spring and all things warm and clean but its also time to say goodbye its winter we must clean!

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